Application for IASK grant

This is the text of the application form for IASK grant. You can download the word version here. Please send the application to, we will collect all applications and forward them to IASK.

General information for applicants.


  1. IASK is an organization dedicated to creating connection and vitality in the kinesiology world. In order to do this, we are offering an opportunity for IASK members to apply for grants that can help move the work forward. For 2021 we have a total of 3,000 euros to offer in the form of grants. These are available for three different types of projects: research, education and humanitarian.
  2. The attached application form is meant to be a basic guideline. Awarding of grants will happen by a vote of IASK members. Therefore, we encourage applicants to add information to the application that will make it compelling for voters – pictures, videos, testimonials, website, etc.
  3. Applications and reports must be submitted in English. Those not fluent in English are welcome to use more visuals to help convey the message clearly.
  4. Applications must be received by July 15. Applications will be reviewed by the committee. If an application is incomplete or not in alignment with IASK’s values, applicants may be asked to make changes or the application may be rejected. Accepted applications will all be open to IASK members to view online in July with winners to be chosen and announced at the 2021 AGM in August.


Section One:

Description of the project. 

  1. What do you plan to do and how do you plan to do it? What makes this project special? Why is this important?
  2. What category of grant does this fall into: research, education, or humanitarian?
  3. Time frame: when are you going to do it? How long will it take?
  4. Who is involved? Who does this benefit?
  5. What is the impact for the worldwide K community? How will you pay this forward?
  6. How does this reflect IASK values of: Connection, Integrity, Vitality?


Section Two:

 Community information 

  1. Do you have collaborators? If yes, who else is involved?
  2. Do you have a mentor who can help you and support you if you run into problems?


Section Three: 

Budget and finances.

Additional information about funding:

Grant recipients will be required to show proof of spending and copies of receipts.

For larger grants, money may be given in increments, ½ up front and ½ part way through for longer term projects.

Short projects or smaller amounts of money may be given up front.


  1. Total amount needed up to 3000 euros (understanding that IASK may only offer a portion of the amount required)
  2. Estimated line-items for budget. Maximum deviation < 10% (without approval). Some budget considerations: Venue? Materials? Services needed? Transportation? Other special tools? Other funding?
  3. What is your personal investment in the project?
  4. Do you require this amount of money from IASK in order to run the project, or will you be able to raise other funds with partial funding?
  5. Have you recruited volunteers?
  6. Is there evidence of commitment and community buy-in. (For example: I might donate my time as an instructor, but require materials, room rental, etc)


Section Four:

Time frame and accountability.

These are not questions that need to be answered at the time of application – rather this is information so that all applicants are aware of the need for accountability and reporting throughout the process. Applicants should understand that IASK has access to any materials used in their application and reports and that these may be used in newsletters, on the website, or in further promotional materials, etc.

As we are a non-profit organization, we need all recipients to show accountability to our members. This will happen in a few different ways:

  • Formal presentation at the AGM.
  • Articles for the newsletter from reports halfway through and at the end. Recipients will be asked to consider: How is this benefiting the community? What have you learned so far?
  • Halfway report: Provision to rework the plan if needed.

Report requirements:

  • Your learning
  • Participant’s benefits, or results of research so far
  • Modelling for the future (what needs to change? What works? etc.)


Section Five



I (full name) ________________________ declare all of the above information to be true to the best of my knowledge. I will perform this project to the best of my ability, and I agree to the conditions laid out here regarding reporting and communication.

Signed ___________________________

Dated _______________________________