“Coded Crystals Ascension Balance” with Charlotte Shanti – Starts February 1st, 2022

“Coded Crystals Ascension Balance” with Charlotte Shanti – Starts February 1st, 2022


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3 Wednesdays: September 14th, 21st and 28th of 2022.

From 16:00 to 21:00 CET / from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 Pacific Time

This innovative course is aimed at anyone using muscle testing wishing to upgrade as a therapist to the high frequent energies of The Golden Age. In the course we work with 6 coded crystals remedies from the ethereal community City of Light in the 5th dimension. The course is developed by Charlotte Shanti.

In the course we work with the following coded crystal remedies

  • Total Balance provides personal protection with advanced no 8 energy
  • 12 Chakra Balance balances the 12 chakra system
  • Meridian Balance provides acupuncture of the future with light energy to 27 meridians
  • Grounding Balance provides enhanced grounding in the dimensional system
  • Vital revitalizes water, cells, mind and aura
  • Anchor supports mindfulness, meditation and creativity

The crystals transmit advanced energy and frequency patterns that stimulate and balance the individual and provide the following balancing techniques in the 5th dimension.

  • Vitalization of water, cells, mind and aura
  • Advanced no 8 energy, where you learn to balance infinite no 8 for personal protection and strengthening the communication between your many energy systems so they can collaborate and exchange energy.
  • Balancing the individual chakras in the 12 chakra system.
  • 27 meridian balances with a shortcut test and quick fix, alarm points with simultaneous over and under energy balancing, 4 point Dantian balancing, restart of the meridian system and acupuncture with light.
  • Balancing the 20 dimensions opening up to multi-dimension abilities.
  • Advanced energy pre test with alarm points, over and under energy on CV, stress, hydration balance, electromagnetism, personal protection, no 8 energy, 12 chakras, identification: I am xx here and now 100%.

The 6 coded crystal tools are used individually or together for “Ascension Balance”. They have been developed to support the therapist who wishes to work in the energy systems of 5th dimensional Golden Age. The crystal tools make sure the therapist is balanced at all times when working with these advanced energies. At the same time they can be used to balance clients when the need arises in a session with the methods you learn in this course.

Playback all meetings trough Knowlative WebApp (for 6 months with a free account, forever with a a PRO account).

Crystal tools
Euro 100 for the original City of Light “Ascension Balance” 6 crystal tool set.
Buy the set at this special therapist discount 4 weeks before the course in the
City of Light webshop here:!/Ascension-Balance-Set-for-Knowlative-course/p/456216069/category=0

Euro 54 if you prefer to buy your own crystals and have them coded on remote
by Charlotte Shanti. Please order the coding in the City of Light webshop here:!/Ascension-Balance-Crystal-Tools-Set-remote-coding-for-the-Charlotte-Shanti-Knowlative-course/p/456214105/category=0

Awakening 20 Dimensions – Charlotte Shanti 2022 – level up to dimensional energies and frequencies

A series of 5 webinars each lasting 3 hours. A total of 15 hours.

Our energy system is changing into a multi-dimensional energy system. We need a balanced body, a balanced mind and balanced energies and frequencies.

The “Awakening 20 Dimensions” webinar is created to inspire kinesiologists and muscle testers to take a new approach at modalities and methods, and enhance them with new possibilities. Charlotte Shanti has created Energy Frequency Tuning which is a new gentle way of transforming, balancing and healing in the Golden Age 5th dimension.

Anyone using muscle testing and wishing to level up to dimensional energies and frequencies as a practitioner can participate in this webinar series.

About The Dimensional System

A dimension is a layer of consciousness. Each dimension works with a different theme or subject. We can tap into these dimensions for equal expansion of mind and balancing.

Spiritual teacher Barbara Hand Clow has described dimension 1 to 10 in detail with information from The Pleiadians and has combined this with scientific knowledge. In 2015 Charlotte Shanti started receiving insights from City of Light about dimensions 11 to 20 that are now open. This information will be shared with you in the webinars.

You will

  • learn hand mode for opening up the 5th dimension and thereby all dimensions
  • learn how to work with each dimension so that you can balance yourself and others
  • receive a coded crystal tool designed to balance the dimensional system.
  • travel through all 20 dimensions one by one from Gaia in the iron core of Earth, to The Pleiades, Lyra, Andromeda Galaxy, Arcturus
  • understand how all these faraway macro cosmos places actually also exist in our micro cosmos body, organs, cells and energy system.
  • receive healing, harmonization, activation, transformation through the transmission of energies and frequencies from each dimension
  • receive brand new in-depth information about each dimension. 

Brief example of the material taken from 14th dimension

Coded crystal tools create resonance

“Not all energies and frequencies are readily suitable for humanity. Some create dissonance and this is where the coding comes into the picture. In the City of Light coding process energies and frequencies are transformed so that they bring resonance.

In brief, the coding for instance involves storing energy and information in a crystal. This crystal is activated when it comes into contact with a human who needs to be integrated with the oscillations of the crystal. This creates resonance and hence balance, harmony and stability.”

Grounding Balance Crystal Tool

During the 5 webinars you will be working with a special coded crystal tool “Grounding Balance” that balances the dimensional system. This crystal tool will be coded for you on remote during the first webinar. For this purpose you will need to have a tiger eye crystal at hand.

If you prefer you may buy the crystal tool beforehand at the City of Light webshop:!/Grounding-Balance/p/128667044/category=33034358

About Energy Frequency Tuning

Energy Frequency Tuning explores how we may expand methods and modalities to include the dimensional system.

It is a new direction that emphasizes supporting the many people who in these years transform energies and frequencies in the 3rd and 4th dimension to the 5th dimension and higher.

These energy and frequency changes are not easily balanced through known modalities and techniques unless we open up to and include the dimensional system of The Golden Age.

The word energy medicine is used in the present material to describe the energies and frequencies used to balance, harmonize, heal and activate through all the dimensional layers in the City of Light collaboration with Golden Child Energy in the 5th dimension.

About Charlotte Shanti

Charlotte Shanti is creator of Energy Frequency Tuning.

Charlotte Shanti resides in Denmark close to nature in a 160 year old school building in the outskirts of a nature reserve by the sea with wife, Border Collie and a flock of sheep.

She has always been spiritually curious and engaged in the question “Who am I”. This has led her on 16 travels to India and other spiritually highly vibrant places like Tibet, Greenland and Kauai, Hawai’i.

Since 2012 she has worked as a professional kinesiologist utilizing many different modalities with a particular focus on allergies and EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity).

In 2014 she was involved in opening a portal to the Golden Child Energy, which led her to the ethereal community City of Light. With a new found passion for the dimensional system she began teaching her own courses integrating ascension spirituality and traditional kinesiology.

Kinesiology in the 5th dimension has not been previously described and she has started this work. It has its challenges because it does not immediately resemble any known kinesiology and cannot be “squeezed” into any known forms. Working with kinesiology in the 5th dimension is playfully easy, creative and a free form of kinesiology that works outside of time and space.  Charlotte Shanti has named it ©️Energy Frequency Tuning.

Since 2017 she is an Instructor in Danish Kinesiologists and has been teaching her own kinesiology courses “Pollen Allergy Test Kit”, “Coded Crystal Tools Ascension Balance” and “Coding Test Kits and Energy Medicine”.

She also works as City of Light Golden Age Transformation Teacher and has created the course Golden Age Master Class for anyone using muscle testing and wishing to level up to dimensional energies and frequencies as a practitioner.