Hall of Fame

In Knowlative’s history, we have run 2 crowdfunding campaigns: one at the very beginning in December 2016 and another in December 2017. We had several tiers of sponsorship available and when people selected the higher tiers, we said we would include them in our Hall of Fame! Here are the brave individuals that trusted and believed in Knowlative when we were just an idea. Their courage shall be remembered for the years to come and we will sing odes to their brilliance and generosity!

Platinum Funders

Christine McGough

Luca Giannelli

Alexis Costello

Gold Funders

Christine Plumb

Silver Funders

Lorella Modolo

Wendy Czajkowsky

Sara McRae

Joyce Bunner

Giampiero Gallo

Monica Merlini

Bronze Funders

Chiara Lazzaroni

Giacinto Feletto

Egidia Bottega

Aidan Costello

Mauro Sacchet

Ornella Li Rosi

Acquarone Emma

Greg Webb

Dave Ternier

Kate Young

Russ Bain

Janice Graham

Francesco Cattoni

Simona Manna

Federico Iuri