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The need for Knowlative arose in 2011 when Ludovico and Roberto met to discuss a project on recording all data from kinesiology consultations in a way that could improve both the in-consultation workflow and the subsequent interpretation of statistical data.
The initial idea of creating a tool that could improve and simplify the professional work of Kinesiology specialists like Marco and Ludovico grew exponentially when it met with the ideas and aspirations of the other members of our Team.

Soon we became aware that there was something inconsistent in proposing a new way of sharing health and knowledge to a competitive commercial organization (as it was normally done before Knowlative). We started to look for a new way of expanding the concepts of knowledge sharing, statistical data analysis and sharing economical revenues in the same project. All this grew and gained new energy, new power, new stability until it became Knowlative: “Beyond dualism: changing the world of health through sharing and connecting.”

Ludovico Feletto - Medical Doctor & Creator of StarMe.io

Ludovico Feletto

Creator of Knowlative

Ludovico is a trauma and orthopedic surgeon and the creator of Knowlative. Since before his Specialization Degree in 2007, he has developed a deep interest for an individualized approach to medicine exploring many integrative methods of healing (acupuncture, Kinesiology, Neuraltherapy…). In his medical practice and in Knowlative he brings the certainty that the future of medicine is a system that assimilates the knowledge of the western medicine with the main eastern healing practices.

Giorgio Feletto - Project manager

Giorgio Feletto

Project manager

Giorgio is a power and nuclear engineer and the project manager in Knowlative. He started his career in the renewable energy sector, but in 2015, following one of his passions, he became a freelance professional in Life and Business Coaching. In Knowlative he brings both his management skills and his passion for Business Coaching that allow him to optimize the start up phase and the following processes of the Company.

Marco Rado

Head of Scientific Committee

Marco is the president of Physis Association, a Kinesiology practitioner since 1992 and the Head of the Scientific Committee in Knowlative. After many years of studying Kinesiology and energy medicine, and teaching different courses, from 2005 he developed his own method (Integrative Physiology) with great success in Italy and abroad. In Knowlative he brings his deep knowledge and his aim to bring a solid scientific base to every Kinesiology and Energy Medicine practitioner.

Roberto Sacchet - Business Developer

Roberto Sacchet

Business developer

Roberto is a computer technician and in Knowlative he develops the business rules and logics within the core of the application. Through a university path in Computer Science, he has integrated his passion for IT with a structured approach to the subject. He worked for many years as an IT consultant, while he is now employed as Project Leader in a multinational home and building automation corporation. In Knowlative he brings all his technical expertise and his vision of a new concept of personal well-being.

Simone Tolotti - Software engineer

Simone Tolotti

Software engineer

Simone is an IT engineer and in Knowlative he is in charge of the user experience and mobile development. With a long lasting passion for electronics and IT, he worked as an IT consultant for many years before being hired into a home and multinational building automation corporation. He is now employed in a company that operates in the suspended cable cars, utility vehicles and light urban transit systems sector. In Knowlative he brings all his know-how of software design and project management.

Alexis Costello

Communications Manager

Alexis Costello has been a Touch for Health instructor for over 10 years and is now an Instructor Trainer, teaching the next wave of teachers. As one of a small handful of SIPS (Stress Indicator Point System) instructors in the world and the creator of the GEMS program, she travels internationally to speak about and teach these modalities to others. Publisher of the international journal Specialized Kinesiology Magazine, she is striving to help other holistic practitioners succeed. Canadian born, she moved in 2016 to Costa Rica with her family to live self-sufficiently in the jungle.

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