2nd Youth Holistic Health Summit


Нет в наличии

This year, Knowlative is presenting the 2nd annual Youth Holistic Health Summit in conjunction with the 4th World-wide Hybrid Conference for Muscle Response Testers

The Youth Holistic Health Summit (YHHS) is created by young Muscle Response Testers for anyone under the age of 25 who is interested in learning more about their own holistic well-being, helping others, and making a real difference in their lives and communities. Whether or not you have any experience in holistic health, we welcome you and hope you enjoy the event. 

Visit the website for more information!


The theme of this year’s Knowlative conference is “Connecting Communities” which is the perfect opportunity to continue our mission of opening up the field of holistic health to the next generation who have the power to make real change. 

Studying Muscle Response Testing is a really wonderful way of understanding our own body/mind/spirit, feeling empowered to make positive change in our own and others’ lives, and (let’s not forget to mention) learn a marketable skill without going into money and time debt. 

What you’ll get:

  • 5 presentations from young people with new perspectives on wellness
  • 2 group activities 
  • Lots of new skills and information for your own health
  • A downloadable pdf of presentation materials
    Free replay on Knowlative for 3 months (or forever with a Pro Membership)
  • A community of support
  • Full Free Pass: An invitation to the rest of the Connecting Communities Knowlative conference to learn from some of the best speakers in the Muscle Response Testing community!