Crowdfunding Level 5


4 Bags of Molitas (20 units each) +
12 months of full access to the Portal +
Special Pack Silver (see details below)

Thank you for supporting the creation of “The portal of Knowledge”, an upgrade of Knowlative webApp that will host thousands of different projects.

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This is the level 5 of funding for the “Portal of Knowledge”.

This is an exclusive level, only 80 perks are available!

Special Pack Silver includes:

  • Early access to the portal as beta-tester
  • T-Shirt and Refillable bottle of P d.S.
  • Commemorative plate and inclusion in the “Hall of Fame”
  • Exclusive dinner with Graziano and the team at the launch of the new Portal in August 2023

The plate, T-shirt, and Bottle will be delivered during the Exclusive dinner. The dinner will be during the 1st meeting of “The Portal of Knowledge” members in Italy in August 2023 (More details on the venue and the program will be available at the beginning of 2023)

Please notice that: Molita will be only sent in Italy. We will not print the Molita if we do not reach the minimum amount of 150000 €.
If you are form another country, or if we do not reach the minimum required, we will convert every Molita pack into 2 month of access to the portal (you will have 20 months instead of 12).

See the crowdfunding page for more details.

Please help us by sharing the crowdfunding with your friends.