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For Associations Dedicated to Making a Difference

Your role in advancing Muscle Response Testing is invaluable. Knowlative recognizes the hard work and dedication behind each newsletter, every event, and all the content you create to educate and inspire. Our offer goes beyond a platform; it’s a partnership aimed at enhancing your visibility, preserving your contributions, and ensuring your efforts receive the recognition they deserve.

A Year to Transform, A Future to Lead

The 1st year is completely on us! This exclusive offer is valid until the end of April, marking the beginning of a journey where your association not only benefits but thrives. By integrating your monthly newsletters and events with Knowlative, you embrace an opportunity to shine, lead, and impact the Muscle Response Testing world like never before. And after the 1st year you use the platform, we are sure that Knowlative will be free for you.

Step Into the Spotlight

Your dedication to Muscle Response Testing and Kinesiology shapes the future of holistic health. With Knowlative, your association’s voice becomes louder, your reach wider, and your impact deeper. Join us now, and together, let’s advance the practice, science, and community of Muscle Response Testing.

Why Choose Knowlative?


1. Global Visibility

  • Give your member an easy access to your documents and initiatives.
  • Instantly connect with a worldwide audience.
  • Enhance your association’s profile on an international stage.
  • Attract new members from across the globe.

Resource Preservation

  • Transform your newsletters and events into evergreen content.
  • Ensure your valuable information remains accessible and impactful.
  • Leverage advanced searchability to keep your contributions in the spotlight.
  • Keep part of the information for your members only if you desire.

Community and Networking

  • Engage with the largest online community dedicated to muscle response testing.
  • Facilitate meaningful collaborations and partnerships.
  • Share and receive insights from top practitioners and educators.

Cost-Effective Growth

  • Enjoy a year of PRO access at no cost, with the opportunity to extend.
  • Use the Friend Code system to potentially eliminate fees.
  • Use your Affiliate code to offer 10% discount to your members and earn 10% revenue
  • Invest resources into furthering your association’s mission.

Hear From Those Who Are Using Knowlative

Our community is growing, filled with inspiring stories of healers who’ve found balance, purpose, and fulfilment through the Knowlative WebApp. Their journeys illuminate the path from passion to purpose, showcasing the profound impact of muscle response testing on their lives and those they touch.

“Working with muscle response testing was daunting until I discovered Knowlative. The platform has been a game-changer for me, especially the easy access to information. Whether I’m studying new techniques or working directly with clients, everything I need is right at my fingertips. The clarity of sources and depth of the database are unparalleled. It’s reassuring to know I’m using information that’s trusted and well-researched. Knowlative is not just a tool; it’s my daily companion in my practice. Joining this platform, the first dedicated solely to muscle response testing, has also expanded my professional network. I’ve connected with practitioners from various backgrounds, enriching my learning and offering opportunities for collaboration. Knowlative truly stands out as a beacon for anyone in the holistic health field.” Emily G., Kinesiologist

“I’ve been part of several online communities and used countless resources in my journey as a wellness coach, but nothing compares to Knowlative. It’s the world’s biggest database for muscle response testing, and I can see why. The wealth of information available is astounding, covering everything from the basics to advanced practices. What sets Knowlative apart for me is the ease with which I can find what I’m looking for, thanks to the well-organized content and clear sources. It’s been invaluable in both my personal studies and my work with clients. Plus, the sense of community here is strong and welcoming. No matter your background or the courses you’ve taken, Knowlative embraces all. It’s more than just a resource; it’s a community that supports and grows together.” Sarah J., Wellness Coach

“Integrating muscle response testing into my practice has opened new doors for my clients’ wellness journeys. The search for reliable, comprehensive information led me to Knowlative, and I haven’t looked back since. The platform’s ease of access to a vast array of information allows me to apply techniques and insights confidently during sessions. The database is not just the biggest; it’s curated with care, ensuring that I’m always working with accurate and up-to-date information. The inclusivity of the community is something I’ve not seen anywhere else. Regardless of the courses you’ve completed, Knowlative offers a place to grow, learn, and share. It’s inspiring to be part of the first dedicated platform for muscle response testing, a true pioneer in the field.” Lisa K., Holistic Health Practitioner

Gain access to more than 6000 contents for Muscle Testers linked by 24000 connections

All muscles of the body and joints

With detailed information on the action of every muscle on the joint.

Almost 1500 vocabulary definitions

Including specific muscle testing terms, anatomy and physiology terms 176 specific muscle tests and a way to test every muscle of the body.

400 different acupoints with detailed description

All classical points + several extra meridian points and the link to every related techniques.

Clear collection of reflexes with related muscles

The most detailed list of Neurolymphatic and Neurovascular reflexes with the direct link to the source of the information.

Why your Association needs to Sign Up now?

Exclusive Reserved Area for your members

At Knowlative we value the important work of the associaitons and offer, free of additional costs, included with your plan, an exclusive area where only your affiliates can access the information. And the affiliate only need a free account.

Preserve and Amplify Your Message

Traditional newsletters and event announcements often fade into the background. With Knowlative, your efforts are immortalized. Your newsletters become searchable, evergreen content, ensuring that the knowledge you share today continues to benefit your members tomorrow.

Spotlight on Your Activities

Imagine a world where your events are not just listed but showcased. Knowlative’s calendar feature highlights Muscle Response Testing events by area, bringing deserved attention to your initiatives and facilitating greater participation.

Exclusive Discounts for Your Associates

Empower your members with a 10% discount on a treasure trove of resources in the Knowlative shop, including a wide range of events and courses. This exclusive perk makes continuous learning more accessible and affordable, encouraging personal and professional growth within your community.

Revenue Sharing to Fuel Your Goals

As an affiliate, your association benefits from a 10% revenue share on all purchases made by your associates in the Knowlative shop. This stream of income can be reinvested into your association’s initiatives, supporting your mission and enhancing member benefits further.

Sustain Your Presence at Zero Cost

With the Friend Code system, you have the potential to reduce your subscription fee to zero while enjoying PRO benefits. It’s an entire year to engage, grow, and maximize your association’s impact with no overhead cost.

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Before the end of April you get:

Tailored Access for Your Associates

Unlock a private, exclusive area within the Knowlative WebApp, designed specifically for your associates. This personalized space ensures your members enjoy a curated experience, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

Maximize Your Newsletter's Impact

Share your newsletter content directly on the Knowlative app, where it becomes a fully searchable, permanent resource. This not only extends the life of your valuable information but also enhances accessibility and engagement within your community.

Unmatched Benefits for You and Your Associates

As part of our affiliate program, your associates will receive a 10% discount on the vast array of events and courses available in the Knowlative shop. Simultaneously, your association benefits from a 10% revenue share on all their purchases, creating a sustainable financial model that supports your growth and initiatives.

SPEED BONUS (before the end of April)

In recognition of your proactive engagement, we’re offering the first year of WebApp access completely free, but only for those who schedule a call before the end of April! This incredible opportunity gives your association ample time to explore, integrate, and profit from the Knowlative platform, ensuring a seamless transition and maximized benefits from day one.

Don’t miss this chance to revolutionize how your association operates, communicates, and grows: unlock a world of possibilities for your members and your organization.

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