“Coding Test Kits and Energy Medicine Workshop” with Charlotte Shanti – 2021


Would you like to be able to code the vial you need when you need it, infinite times?

This workshop is aimed at all therapists who wish to code their own test kits and energy medicine. The workshop and coding tool has been developed by Charlotte Shanti. This course was recorded on September 2021.

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In order to attend this Workshop you need have the Coding Tool. If you do not have it already, you can buy one at a super-discounted price (Just for this Knowlative event it is at 104,22 €) here! The Coding Tool is a device that can be used infinite times to create the vial with the needed frequence.

Please notice that, in order to be able to use the techniques of this workshop, you need the coding tool.

If you do not have already your Coding Tool, the total cost of this Workshop (workshop + Coding Tool) is 215 € (at the discounted price, instead of 299 €).

With your ticket you get:

  • Access to the live course and access all documents and videos for 6 months (+ 1 bonus month while you receive you coding tool at home)
  • Pdf manual
  • 1 month of PRO access to Knowlative with Access Key


In the workshop you will learn to code frequencies in vials for test kits and code energy medicine in crystals using the coding tool with Golden Child Energy. The coding tool is seen from The Golden Age energy understanding in the 5th dimension.

In this workshop you will learn a whole new way to make advanced test kits.

You can for instance make a single test set that contains all vitamins and minerals instead of having many different test kits from various companies. Once you have found out which vitamins and minerals the client needs you test whether the person needs it physically, as homeopathy or via energy medicine, that you can code with the coding tool.
You can code one vial with “herpes” and it will contain the known 8 variations plus the unknown variations. Some of the unknown variations have been described by Anthony William. In this way you will reach unlimited layers in for instance “herpes”.
The advanced coding includes a new kinesiology method I call “provocation”, which allows you to test and balance a specific topic several times and reach deeper layers in one session.
You can use the “light in vial” method to transfer frequencies to the client. The coding automatically selects the frequency or frequencies that are beneficial and balancing to the client.
You can code homework in a crystal for the client. The workshop is approved by Danish Kinesiologists
You can easily integrate the Coding tool in your everyday practice.

Charlotte Shanti

Charlotte Shanti creator of Energy Frequency Tuning Kinesiology.

Charlotte Shanti resides in Denmark close to nature in a 160 year old school building in the outskirts of a nature reserve by the sea with wife, Border Collie and a flock of sheep. She has always been spiritually curious and engaged in the question “Who am I”. This has led her on 16 travels to India and other spiritually highly vibrant places like Tibet, Greenland and Kauai, Hawai’i.

Since 2012 she has worked as a professional kinesiologist utilizing many different modalities with a particular focus on allergies and EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity). In 2014 she was involved in opening a portal to the Golden Child Energy, which led her to the ethereal community City of Light. With a new found passion for the dimensional system she began teaching her own courses integrating ascension spirituality and traditional kinesiology.

Kinesiology in the 5th dimension has not been previously described and she has started this work. It has its challenges because it does not immediately resemble any known kinesiology and cannot be “squeezed” into any known forms. Working with kinesiology in the 5th dimension is playfully easy, creative and a free form of kinesiology that works outside of time and space. Charlotte Shanti has named it ©️Energy Frequency Tuning Kinesiology.


  • Access the live course and interact with Charlotte
  • Printable PDF manual and Knowlative Hyper-Manual
  • Competence Certificate
  • Playback all videos and access all documents in Knowlative (also with a Free account)
  • 1 month Knowlative PRO Access Key

If you do not have already the Coding Tool, you can buy it at a super price just for this webinar.