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International Muscle Testing Fair 2023



March 31, April 1-3, 2023

Connecting Communities International Conference and Fair.

Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife Island, Spain

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March 31, April 1-3, 2023

Tired of Online only conferences?

Join us by the ocean and a stunning weather!

Recharge your batteries while improving your Muscle Testing skills!

Your ticket gives you:

  • Connecting Communities International Conference in Tenerife.
  • Access to all activities of the FAIR 
  • Gala Dinner
  • 1 Day Tour of Tenerife (Volcano, beaches, villages and more!)
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Amazing group activities during the morning each day waiting for the conference to start.
  • Full access to all videos in English
  • Download PDF Journal (in English)
  • Competence certificate.
  • 20+ hours of Muscle Response Testing. Some of the leading speakers in the Kinesiology world, sharing their experiences.
  • Practical applications in every speech. Something that you can immediately use on yourself or on others, in person or in distance-work.
  • Watch the videos for 3 months in Knowlative, from any device, anytime. Presentations texts with links to cited acupuncture points, hand modes, meridians, vocabulary, etc. Easy to study and keep in mind. (3 months since the publication of the last translated video)
  • Playbacks now available even with just a free Knowlative account (no subscriptions required in Knowlative).
  • Get a complimentary 1-month Knowlative PRO Access Key (Discount Key, commercial value 19 €)

Not sure you want to come to Tenerife? We are sad to hear that, but there is no problem! You can join us On Line as usual.

In addition, you can join us for one day only in Tenerife by purchasing our 1 DAY PASS ticket here.

Once again, the world wide family of Muscle Testers gathered in a safe space to stay unite and grow despite the uncertainty and challenges we are living through.

Each day has the same structure: in the morning group activities with all other participants. In the afternoon the conference, with an “Opening”, 3 presentations, a middle “Break”, 3 more presentations and a “Closing”. 

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