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Do you feel like an outsider for the fact of being in love with Muscle Response Testing? I feel the same and I always thought that contributing to the advancement of Muscle Response Testing is the best way to make Muscle Response Testing common knowledge.

Dear Muscle Response Tester,

Do you feel like an outsider for the fact of being in love with Muscle Response Testing? I feel the same and I always thought that contributing to the advancement of Muscle Response Testing is the best way to make Muscle Response Testing common knowledge.

Despite putting your heart and soul into it, have you ever thought that the more we do, the more there is left to be done in the field? I used to feel the same until I discovered Knowlative—a solution that allows us all to contribute effortlessly.

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I understand you’re deeply engaged in promoting a healthier lifestyle among your clients, dedicated to kinesiology and muscle response testing, and always exploring new techniques. Adding tasks to your list may seem daunting, but I’ve found something that takes just a few moments and significantly benefits Muscle Response Testing. Let me explain further.

Knowlative exists to create a platform that organizes clients’ history data, allowing each one of us to growth our business effortlessly. Imagine managing appointments and client sessions, tracking their progress—all while working and applying the protocols you use daily. You can do this conveniently from your smartphone or tablet, without needing to check books or manuals continuously. How would you feel knowing that you can just concentrate on testing and balancing forgetting all the boring things?

Bu this is just half of the benefit: while you are growing your business, you will also help the worldwide community of Muscle Response Testers by collecting anonymous data, in compliance with data protection laws. We’ll use this data for scientific studies to finally prove the effectiveness of the tools you use every day. We can stop once and for all the criticism we are experimenting daily from clients and, sometimes, from family members and friends, too.

Small organizations and individuals like every one of us lack the resources for extensive scientific studies. However, by collecting clients’ data through a dedicated app, we can amass a collective pool of information that makes a real difference—advancing our businesses in the same time. This initiative brings many advantages, including business statistics, a global community, access to new techniques, and more.

The current version of the Knowlative app doesn’t collect data yet. However, we’re working hard on developing these missing parts, reinvesting all revenues from Knowlative activities into this process. Developing such software is a significant investment, but we’re making remarkable progress. The more we invest, the sooner we’ll have a repository of scientific works that support our collective efforts.

We’ve been producing high-quality content since birth and, unlike many others, we proudly cite our sources because we believe that true growth for everyone comes only through comparison, transparency and sharing.

Certainly, many ways already exist to contribute, but they’re often time-consuming… Or, you can join us as a Knowlative Affiliate and help bring our common vision to life. Simply share the project with your friends or take a few minutes during your teaching sessions to explain the initiative to your students. It’s an effortless way to benefit everyone.


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🌊 Strengthen the Muscle Response Test Community: Together, we’ll advance scientific studies and foster a robust international community.


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Let’s create a world where Muscle Response Testing is a scientifically backed tool for people’s health while preserving its personalized approach.

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