Verbundene unternehmen

Gefällt Ihnen unsere Philosophie und Sie wollen uns helfen?

Sie haben 2 Möglichkeiten, uns zu helfen, das Wort zu verbreiten.
  • Werden Sie Affiliate des Knowlative Shops
  • Laden Sie Ihre Freunde ein, die Knowlative WebApp mit Ihrem Freundescode zu verwenden

WebApp Friend Code

If you have a PRO account, the friends that you invite with your Friend Code, will be linked to your profile. While they keep a paid PRO account in he WebApp, you will receive a 3 Euro/month discount/revenue from each of them.

You can find your friend code inside your WebApp profile (top right corner User icon inside the App) in the Subscription tab. Look for “Invite Friends” section.


Network of people

Affiliate Program

It is good to have friends!
Sharing Knowlative and K-Conversations events with your friends helps us to improve and offer better contents and features and helps  your contacts to stay updated.

Sign up as an affiliate! So YOU can offer a 10% discount voucher to your students, colleagues and friends and WE will recognise your help with a 10% thank you commission.