Associated digital mode

In Professional Kinesiology Practice this technique is associated with EM#02a.


NE points produce a similar effect to those of neuro-lymphatics and ESR (Emotional Stress Release) combined.

General description

Dr. Michael Lebowitz found the six Yang reflexes while he was looking for alternative ESR points. Later Bruce Dewe MD described the Yin points. The result of the stimulation of Neuro Emotional Reflexes is stress release (similar to ESR).

  1. Assess energy level on a 0-10 scale
  2. Choose the NE according to the work you are doing:
    1. Of the principal meridian you are using;
    2. The 2 NE of the coordinates you are using;
    3. for time of the day;
    4. with any other method you are familiar with.
  3. Remember to check for priority.



  1. Massage NE for CV (Conception Vessel – Ren Mai)
  2. Massage NE for Du Mai (Governing Vessel)
  3. Massage NE of the meridian chosen during the evaluation
  4. Complete massaging all the remaining NE points following the chosen in the circadian cycle of meridian energy.

Massage every NE point you previously selected firmly for a time of 30 seconds to 3 minutes. If the point is painful test if a Calcium supplement reverse the pain.

  • Conception Vessel: CV 21 (Jade Pivot)
  • Governing Vessel: GV 16.3 (Neuro Emotional Point)
  • Stomach: ST 30 (Rushing Qi)
  • Spleen: SP 10 (Sea of Blood)
  • Heart: HT 08 (Lesser Palace)
  • Small Intestine: SI 11 (Heavenly Gathering)
  • Bladder: BL 10 (Heavenly Pillar)
  • Kidney: KI 05 (Water Spring)
  • Pericardium: PC 03 (Marsh at the Crook)
  • Triple Heater: TH 15 (Heavenly Crevice)
  • Gallbladder: GB 31 (Wind Market)
  • Liver: LR 04 (Middle Seal)
  • Lung: LU 10 (Fish Border)
  • Large Intestine: LI 16 (Great Bone)