Article: Remembering Wellness with Touch for Health by John Thie

Ott 8, 2022 | Reference

Citation: Thie, John F. “Remembering Wellness with Touch for Health: Notes on the Interview/Goal-Setting Process.” Touch for Health Archive, 1999,

Excerpt: “I have found in my years of Chiropractic service, just as thousands of healers throughout the ages have learned through experience, that it is probably more important to allow a person who is suffering to express their pain and its meaning in their life than to perform any given therapy. If I had to choose whether to only listen to the “complaint” and perform no therapy or perform only my chiropractic therapy and listen to no complaint, I would almost always choose to listen. This is a safe bet because I know that the Soul heals itself and I can only facilitate it. This is why I often spend far more time interviewing a person about their goals than I do balancing their muscles.”

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