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Coding Test Kits and Energy Medicine – Charlotte Shanti


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Coding Test Kits and Energy Medicine – Charlotte Shanti

“Connecting Communities” 2023 – 1 day Pre-conference workshop

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CODING TOOL IS NOT INCLUDED! To attend the course, you need to purchase the Coding Tool directly from Charlotte’s shop! The coding kit is necessary to attend the course. Following this link to Charlotte’s website you can purchase it at a special “Connecting Communities” price!


  • Version English ( no translation available)
  • Playback all videos and access all documents in Knowlative anytime (for unlimited time with a PRO account, for 6 months with a Free account)
  • Printable PDF manual (Knowlative edition)
  • Competence Certificate (and competence test)
  • Complementary Knowlative Access Key giving you 1 months PRO subscription for free.

Coding Test Kits & Energy Medicine

In the workshop, you will learn to code frequencies in vials for test kits and code energy medicine in crystals using the coding tool with Golden Child Energy. The coding tool is seen from The Golden Age energy understanding in the 5th dimension.

In this workshop, you will learn a whole new way to make advanced test kits.

  1. You can for instance make a single test set that contains all vitamins and minerals instead of having many different test kits from various companies. Once you have found out which vitamins and minerals the client needs you test whether the person needs it physically, as homeopathy or via energy medicine, that you can code with the coding tool.
  2. You can code one vial with “herpes” and it will contain the known 8 variations plus the unknown variations. Some of the unknown variations have been described by Anthony William. In this way you will reach unlimited layers in for instance “herpes”.
  3. The advanced coding includes a new kinesiology method I call “provocation”, which allows you to test and balance a specific topic several times and reach deeper layers in one session.
  4. You can use the “light in vial” method to transfer frequencies to the client. The coding automatically selects the frequency or frequencies that are beneficial and balancing to the client.
  5. You can code homework in a crystal for the client. The workshop is approved by Danish Kinesiologists

You can easily integrate the Coding tool in your everyday practice.