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Biofeedback Essentials Bundle



This Bundle allows you to access to the two courses of “Biofeedback Essentials” by Dr. Ludovico Feletto, MD.

JUNE 8th, 2024 – 9:00 – 18:00 WEST
JUNE 9th, 2024 – 9:00 – 18:00 WEST

You will get:

  • Access to two courses by Ludovico Feletto
  • Access to the hypermanual of the 2 courses and all related contents and insight inside Knowlative App for 6 months
  • 2 day of live lessons online
  • Printable PDF Manuals 
  • Competence Certificates

Check here the two individuals courses of  “Biofeedback Essentials”  and “Biofeedback Essentials – Teacher’s Course

Prerequisite to be authorised to teach Biofeedback Essentials:

  • Biofeedback Essentials proficiency (the proficiency test is included in the Biofeedback Essentials course).
  • BB Teacher’s Course proficiency (the proficiency test is included in the BE Teacher’s course).

Are you struggling to have enough students at your basic kinesiology courses like TFH? We have the solution!

Touch For Health is too complicated for beginners and clients! Like the “entry level” course of the other methods, it is a wonderful course on muscle testing, but it is too complex to begin with for most of our clients, friends, and family.

It is impossible to learn basic concepts of muscle testing, anatomy, Chinese medicine, and massage all at once from scratch.

With this intro course (and its companion Teacher’s course) you can provide to your clients an easy 1-day course that allows them to appreciate the muscle response testing in their everyday life without the “complications” of anatomy or Chinese medicine.

With the knowledge we gathered in these 5 years (and in many more years of work with clients/patients), Knowlative created an introductory course that introduces muscle response testing allowing everyone to immediately improve their lives by using this amazing biofeedback method… and be encouraged to know more!

This online live version of the course will give you tools that you can immediately share with your clients!

This is a special edition and will be available only in the occasion of Unwinding Traumas conference. Unlike the “normal” introductory course, while it is still open to beginners, it is dedicated to expert muscle testers. We will add a lot of details that are not actually part of the intro course but will allow the participants to understand the Knowlative Method and to be able to teach the Introductory course to their clients and friends interested in knowing more immediately.

Add a real intro course to your teaching offer in just 2 days of training: 1 intro course (this course) and 1 teacher’s course(not included)!

Teacher: Dr. Ludovico Feletto, MD

Dr. Ludovico Feletto is an advocate of integrative medicine, with over twenty years of dedication to marrying conventional and alternative healthcare methodologies. As the visionary director of Knowlative, he champions the advancement of muscle response testing and stands at the forefront of a movement towards a more holistic, personalized medical paradigm. His practice spans across Spain and Italy, where he not only treats patients but also shares his knowledge as an international speaker. Dr. Feletto’s philosophy is grounded in the belief that the future of medicine lies in the integration of diverse healing systems, supported by rigorous data and tailored to the individual’s unique health needs. His work is not just a profession but a call to transform healthcare, making it more adaptable, effective, and deeply attuned to the complexities of the human body.