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Epigenetics – Collaborative Course


A collaborative workshop 

The playback of the event is centered around all aspects that influence genetic expression. With the Human Genome Project (ended in 2003 but still working on minor genes) we thought to unveil all secrets of how our fenotipe is built. We now understand that, beside our genetic inheritance, a wide variety of external factors influence how our genes work and how we can adapt to our environment.

More than a conference, it is structured like a workshop – the difference being that it will be taught systematically by 4 different instructors, each of them will sharing his view and techniques in a complete, integrated protocol.

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While genes and genetic coding are important in determining someone’s physical and psychological make-up, they only tell part of the story.

Many of you are familiar with the term ‘epigenetics’ – the idea that genetic expression can change and be affected by factors outside of DNA. Environment, toxicity, emotions and trauma all seem to be a part of this. Can we use muscle testing and kinesiology techniques to identify stress within the genome and balance it? Can we use this to change the make up of our bodies and, therefore, our life experience?

The playback of this Collaborative Workshop explores the concept of epigenetics: the physiology, chemistry, emotional and energetic components of this fascinating subject, taught with integrative practical protocols.


  • Access the recorded course in English and Polish
  • Printable PDF manual in English and Polish
  • Competence certificate
  • Playback all videos and access documents in Knowlative for 12 months with a Knowlative Free account (forever if you have a Knowlative PRO account!)
  • Complementary Knowlative Access Key giving you 3 months PRO subscription for free.

4 speakers from all around the world:

  • Alexis Costello – Emotions, Traumas and Epigenetic
  • Chris Astill-Smith – Biochemistry of Epigenetic and how to test it
  • Linda Penny – EMF and Epigenetic
  • Marco Rado – Epigenetic in TCM

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