This article has been published in the June 2019 Knowlative Newsletter, the 6th of June 2019.
Embracing the New Era: Energies and Changes with the Flower Essences

Trudi Nichols is an Essence producer and practitioner, reflexologist, crystal, and energy healer, also trained in other modalities of healing including massage, aromatherapy, facial diagnosis, and shiatsu. Now she is a member of the Knowlative community who has actively contributed to the contents on frequencies of her Wings Of Gold Essences. The passion to share her knowledge was immediately felt with her first e-mail response. The explanations on energy and frequencies made Trudi stand out as someone we wanted to know more about.
What first got you interested in using flower essences?
I started using Essences more than thirty years ago and had always turned to nature to find natural remedies. It was when my father became ill that I questioned what caused illness, where did it start from and why? This was the start of the journey that led me to research what was behind the disease and what was the root cause of the problem, and why was it held within the body. I studied natural healing in its many forms and began to understand how the energetic field works together with our physical system and our emotions, all are moving energy and are fully integrated. Our emotions are partnered with our physical being and this knowledge is the basis of Chinese Medicine. Essences address the mental and emotional well-being and bring support where needed, they are all vibrational and work with the energetic body addressing the root cause of the problem held within the dis-ease or discomfort of the system.
You now make your own Essences, Wings of Gold, how did these flowers call you?
I have always had a deeply held respect for nature and all that she serves. It is during quiet contemplation and meditation that nature calls you to make an Essence, and it is an honorable and sacred practice that is shared between nature and Practitioners. When I first learned to make an Essence it was done by a method of picking flowers and settling them into a bowl of water, which I never felt comfortable with. Adjustments were made for my energy to work with a unique energy transference method where no plant, crystal, tree, environment or animal is harmed. Only pure energetic signatures are transferred and encoded into the Healing Waters.
Apart from their healing qualities, all the Essences vibrate to individual color frequencies of one or two colors that are clearly shown in the circle on each label. The frequency of color comes from within the Essence.
Having always made Essences for people, the Wings Of Gold Essences presented themselves in the more recent years. They were birthed for the new energies that we are accommodating for today’s World and the future years.
What flower Essences do you offer? and how can they benefit people’s lives and health?
I offer many different ranges of Essences that are produced in a series of eight. They all have special and distinctive qualities appropriate to each range. There are currently 10 ranges including: the Master essences, Portfolio of Colour Essences, Master Tree Essences, Fields of Light Master, Rose Essences, The Higher Path to Prosperity,  Children’s Essences, The Pastel Essences, Sea Essences, and Everyday Life Essences. All these Essences are for adapting our energies to the new frequency of Living. The needs of people one hundred years ago were different to the needs we have now, the energies and World events and time are different. As we evolve, so does the energy and the correct frequency of Essences are presented at that time, to help us fully integrate with that journey. 
Energy is in constant flow, it comes to us, and leaves us, we need to have balance in our lives. It cannot be got rid but can be transmuted and the Essences are able to do this for us. If there is an imbalance between our mental and emotional bodies, we need to make adjustments. If these adjustments are not made or processed, it becomes easier to manifest disease. Chinese medicine has known for thousands of years that organs are linked to energy and emotions, they work in harmony with positive emotions. The lower negative emotions are of a lower vibration and they relate as follows: sadness is related to lungs, anger to the liver, transition through Life is related to the bowel, fear is paired with the kidneys and balance with the ears…the list goes on. When we have an imbalance or blockage of chi or energy within our system it is disruptive to the overall flow of our health and vitality. When we work with energy medicine and vibrational Essences, it addresses the rebalance in the correct way. Essences are a powerful way of achieving this result, they do this job so well.
Essences completely align and synchronize our chakras and energetic bodies. Our Chakra System has remained the same for thousands of years, but as we traverse through this new field of Light more chakras within our system (that have in the past been dormant), are now being awakened and activated for us to evolve more highly and supremely as a species.
You have mentioned that there are new energies entering the Earth System, and new chakras evolving, what do you mean by this?
The Mayan calendar marked a near 26,000 year period which came to an end on 21st December 2012. It was at this time that Earth passed through a gateway or portal that was to be the commencing of ‘The New Golden Age’. Many felt this time was hyped, but those with sensitivity were able to feel and gauge the change of energy and upgrade. There followed a refinement of energy which still continues and is upgrading where all lower levels of existence and behavior are dropping away to make room for more lighter and higher levels. It is a one-way ticket as we embrace and accommodate these higher octaves within our system and the Essences have been given to help us adjust with our lives with more ease and grace.
The Symbol of Infinity is representative and very symbolic of the old World being left behind as we transit and open up to begin a new time and the New World. This new era is about PEACE, a coming together, with companionship and unity, a time of open-mindedness communication, community and friendship. This is a time of great ‘change’. This change brings new and higher frequencies and adjustments are needed for different emotional and physical needs for us when focussing on health. We are evolving and embodying three new chakras: the lower Heart Chakra which resides between the Heart and the solar plexus, the higher Heart which resides above the Heart and the Well of Dreams or Alta Major Chakra which sits at the occipital point under the base of the skull. These Chakras are currently being opened and activated to help us evolve in this new era that requires an elevation and ascension in what humans can achieve.
Our brains and bodies are re-wiring, to accommodate more Light activating our DNA in a way that we could not before. We are entering an era of elevating our energies to become Divine Female and Divine Male energetically, we are developing our ´Supreme Beingness’. It is recommended that to give our bodies and well- being the best chance of optimum health it is advisable to eat organically and local food where possible if meat and fish are consumed, it is to be blessed as a mark of respect for something that has been sacrificed for your well-being. Drink plenty of clean water to keep hydrated, make sure you are oxygenating your body by exercising daily and also make time for quiet pursuits, meditation and rest. More and more people are becoming aware of the changes and inner work they need to be doing to prepare for the future and what lies ahead. This time and energy are to be embraced and lived with Joy; the Essences have been given as a ‘Gift to Humanity’ to make this passage and journey easier so we can move through this transition with grace.
How can kinesiologists spot the need for a higher level frequency? do you have testing kits available?
Kinesiologists can use muscle testing whilst the client is holding an Essence. I am currently in the process of looking into small vials with the Essences in, to make it easier for kinesiologists to carry out testing.
The emotional and mental state are addressed within a two week period of using the Essences, however, some people respond immediately and the benefits can be felt straight away. The physical problem usually takes longer to adjust.
I am so pleased and delighted that you (at Knowlative) have contacted me. I really feel overjoyed at this is a great moment and turning point for scientists, healers and the complementary world of energy medicine to come together and share their knowledge. It is momentous in our lifetime to form a bridge that we can meet and come together to share the best of our knowledge and give people the best chance of good health possible.
When should kinesiologists consider using Essences? What are the signs from clients that would indicate their testing and use?
I feel Essences need to be used all the time, they are paramount in healing to amend the emotional dis-ease behind a client’s ailment or problem, some rebalance the system quickly and quietly and others have a stronger impact by shifting and transmuting layers of energy that need to be discarded and then replenished. When their healing qualities are administered, harnessed and used within everyday Life they enable us to move through our Life experiences with enjoyment. They only give us positive qualities and benefits and make us feel nourished and supported. The mental and emotional balance needs to always be addressed, so the body is able to heal back to health with more efficiency.
There are many signs kinesiologists can look for within their client’s personality traits and then marry the problem with an Essence. A kinesiologist or someone working with energy is usually an empath and able to get a feel or intuit what is needed. Muscle testing with an Essence bottle within the client’s hand or body part is a good way of choosing which Essence is appropriate at that time. The Essence may change with follow up appointments to support the client’s further needs.
What are physical, mental and emotional manifestations that should set alarm bells to test for the Essences?
All physical illness is a manifestation from some kind of imbalance of the mental, spiritual or emotional state. I feel that it is always important to test ‘not if an Essence is needed, but what Essence is needed?’, as they are paramount to our whole wellbeing. Everybody always has something that needs to rebalance as it is the very root behind illness if it is ignored. It is only when our emotional, mental and spiritual health is supported in the right way that true healing can occur. All the bodies interlink and integrate and support one another. It is wise to always test what Essence is the most supportive.
Given that there are so many Essences how would you recommend reducing into groups or subgroups?
There are many Essences and when they were channeled they came in batches of eight. All address different qualities and have been placed within their group for that particular purpose.
You can find further information on all of the groups of flower essences and individual essences under frequencies in Knowlative.