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This summer Graziano met Ludovico in one of his seminars and we immediately understood that we have been working on the same project from 2 different points of view without knowing it.

This model of society has limitations. Never more than in recent months have we been able to see, that we are at a point of no return. It is impossible to resume life as before thinking that nothing has happened.

We decided to work together to realize the vision of a new world as soon as possible.

Join us by participating in crowdfunding!

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I am pleased to inform all the members of the group “Il Portale dei saperi” (The portal of Knowledge) and to all friends that the fundraising is open to:

  • build the first version of the “Portal of Knowledge”: a virtual portal where we could exchange and access knowledge
  • print the Molita: the clothespin that lasts a lifetime, a symbol of the fact that we can, by joining forces, produce anything for the benefit of the end user and not only of the elites.

Technology represents an important means to solve and better organize the needs and problems of human life on Earth. The appropriate vision of technology requires that the choices made are precisely appropriate in relation to the environmental, human, and economic situation in which they are expressed. The goal is to reach the point of formulating technical choices that take into consideration the environmental, climatic, human, cultural, social, economic, raw material availability, and energy aspects in addition to taking into account the technical and educational level of the recipients. The bet is to be able to build the products and goods directly in the places where they are needed.  This will create many jobs, facilitate on-site maintenance, reduce the price, and make solar energy accessible to all.  The purpose is to encourage, disseminate and facilitate the improvement of the quality of life through the self-production of goods, the teaching of craft techniques and knowledge, the transmission of knowledge, and the transmission between generations.  We have the technical skills to design and build the products we need. It is a matter of regaining possession of our time, of our life. We can create millions of jobs, significantly lower the costs of products, and without needing multinationals, supermarkets, advertising, and all the intermediaries that today are functional to this disposable consumerism. We want to change things and we believe that like us many thousands more people are already trying.  The first step is to design a place first virtual and then finally real that helps us to meet and to build together that change necessary for our country, for our planet, or simply for a better life.

The knowledge in the new Online Portal will be divided into:

  • Energy production
  • Woodworking
  • Agriculture
  • Handicraft
  • Nature, recycling
  • Bicycles, tricycles, quadricycles
  • Construction, renovation
  • Integrated medicine

Help us, another world is possible if many of us join forces to build it in the spirit of sharing and maximum mutual respect.



Molita, the life lasting clothespin, is a project of mine that I had abandoned because it challenged the system of planned obsolescence. It lasted too long, and no one was willing to produce it on a large scale.

As I always tell you at meetings, it is a symbol of the fact that if we unite, we can do everything! It is only the first industrial project that we will self-produce.  About half of the contributions collected for crowdfunding will go into the construction of the industrial mold and the production of the Molitas and then we will redistribute the Molitas among those who will help us realize these dreams. The Molitas will also be available after crowdfunding.

The new Portal

The aims of the portal are to encourage, disseminate and facilitate the improvement of the quality of life through the self-production of goods, the teaching of craft techniques, the transmission of knowledge, and the interchange between generations. At the heart of our work, there are ecology, know-how, new lifestyles, degrowth, permaculture, natural medicine, energy efficiency, self-construction, green building, and much more …

Ideas are precious, they must be preserved and valued in a “bank of ideas”, of free access to all because intuitions and discoveries are the heritage of all humanity.  The best ideas must then be realized so as not to remain in the world of dreams and the virtual with the contribution of all. The “bank of ideas” was born within the portal with this spirit of union and collaboration, a free space to draw on and integrate methods, systems, and projects in the various fields of human knowledge. It is a small seed that can grow with everyone’s contribution.

Every individual, of any era and continent, has always possessed a great wealth to transmit to others: his own ideas and personal experience (know-how).

The portal will promote this knowledge, which will cover all production sectors. Real research projects, experimental laboratories, and so on will be activated, with the means we will have available. Therefore, the evaluation of the productivity of a technological system will have to consider, in addition to economic factors, also and above all the social and environmental factors determined using the goods produced.

It will be a portal with access to thousands of projects, to which everyone can contribute to improve existing projects or add new ones.

Initially, it will be available in English, Italian, and Spanish and then, slowly, we will also expand it to other languages to make it easier to share knowledge and know-how by shortening linguistic differences.

We will have access to all the projects described with clear procedures, searchable with a search engine, and classified by category, difficulty, cost, raw materials needed, and tools required.

Everyone will be able to upload their own version of the projects carried out and the techniques used, sharing tricks and difficulties encountered during construction.

We will work together to create a creative and supportive society based on the sharing of knowledge and knowledge that must become the heritage of humanity and not at the exclusive service of a few elites.


My name is Graziano Naressi and I was born in 1952 in Algrange (north of France) where I lived until 1965 when my family decided to return to Italy.

I am an industrial designer and teacher of technical drawing.  At some point in my life, I decided to share my knowledge and skills with those who need it most.

This choice led me to engage in international solidarity. Back in my homeland, I decided to pass on my skills and my projects to create a different community.

In 2021 I created the Facebook group “Il Portale dei Saperi” in Italian (The Portal of Knowledge).

Throughout 2022 I toured Italy spreading my projects in “open source” and the spirit of the Portal of Knowledge.

I believe that this is the most important project I have done in my life, and this will only be possible thanks to the help of many people who have supported me since the beginning of this dream.

Another world is possible if there are many of us who build it in the spirit of sharing and maximum mutual respect.


We at Knowlative are a group of friends who started working together 5 years ago with a common vision: to improve people’s quality of life through the sharing of knowledge. Knowlative means Shared Knowledge in English (Collaborative Knowledge).

We know that collaboration wins every time compared to competition. We know that only by creating a strong worldwide community of people with the same ideals can we improve our impact on society. Knowlative wants to provide a safe space for knowledge sharing so that we can grow together, faster, with joy. For this
the reason, in 2018, we created a portal, a web app, for sharing knowledge of integrated medicine and specifically, of a branch called applied or specialized kinesiology.

We use new technologies to help spread skills and knowledge but at the same time we make sure that the human and collaborative part is protected and preserved. CoVID 19 has had a profound impact on our lives, but it has helped us understand that we are a worldwide community and can connect, interact, and learn together, regardless of the physical distance between us.  We think computers and information technology are super useful tools, especially in these times; however, we look forward to meeting our whole “family” together “physically” whenever possible!

This project was opened to share our knowledge, our ideas, our projects, and our knowledge. It is not a political group or even a movement but a group of people who share the same ideals for a more just and supportive world.

The economic, social, and ecological situation we are facing requires a participation of many, willing to invent and apply new lifestyles, capable of satisfying in depth even the existential needs of people, in respect and collaboration with other individuals on earth.  If we choose a self-sustainable local development with technologies appropriate to the natural environment, we can indicate a series of criteria to be followed to increase the quality of the production system maintaining the health of the environment:

  • The aims are to encourage, disseminate and facilitate the improvement of the quality of life through the self-production of goods.
  • The Forgotten Knowledge and Know-How, (those that are often considered backward and unscientific), are instead important tools to free individuals from absolute dependence on goods and the market. Know-how is also the recovery of a set of traditional practices that have been handed down from father to son.
  • The portal wants to be a tool, a stimulus for each brain to approach other brains.
  • Today’s society, for its part, works on a system of possession of knowledge that enters into the logic of competition. It is therefore divided into classes of citizens recognized as worthy of knowledge and sub-citizens excluded from knowledge, not worthy of intervening in the functioning of society itself. Recognizing that every person brings knowledge and is suitable to transmit it, the Portal has the ambition to challenge this logic. The more this knowledge circulates and the more we navigate in knowledge, the more bonds of solidarity and co-responsibility are woven.  The main resistances to this philosophy of sharing derive from the rooting in our heads, from the first years of school of the principle of “each for himself”.

This “protectionist” principle produces the fear of losing one’s abilities if one shares knowledge with others. Faced with the observation of a reality governed by the laws of the jungle, in which the will to win prevails underlying the hierarchy of knowledge, three attitudes can be assumed:

  • accept this rule of the game that suits me because I am in a favorable position.
  • to take it into account as a reality from which one cannot escape, so as not to be put “out of the game”.
  • reject this logic by asking myself what I can do to fight it and overthrow it!

European regulations on the warranty of household appliances and electronic devices do not go beyond the two-year requirement. This is, in fact, a license in favor of obsolescence. We work to buy what is built to break, so we will have to work harder to buy more items that will break.

And it is not just an objective necessity: this strategy, by lowering the quality and thus the cost of objects, has instilled in consumers the desire to own something always a little newer, a little better, and a little sooner than necessary, as was well understood by the American designer Brooks Stevens, who based a lecture on this concept in 1954. As a diametrically opposed example, it is interesting to know that in East Germany, before the fall of the Wall, by law refrigerators and washing machines had to last for at least 25 years.

If you notice, laws often talk about the scrapping of cars, appliances, TVs, etc., with the idea that the new products that will replace the old ones will be technologically more efficient, and perhaps consume less, but never is there any consideration of the consumption of raw materials, energy, machinery needed to produce the new products.

Too bad that with planned obsolescence we not only throw away objects, energy, natural resources, but also the time of our lives dedicated to producing and buying garbage-goods. In a word, we make our life insignificant.


To be precise, we sacrifice it to continue mass industrial production. The consumer, even the most attentive and aware, often does not have the information tools to defend himself and be able to choose what to buy.

Something rusted in the perfect machine of the system.

The consumer, in fact, is not only more attentive because he has less money to spend, but also begins to ask questions, he begins to realize that defending the rights of geographically distant workers also means protecting his own.

Certainly, until a few years ago, only a few people few were interested in origin, traceability, expiration dates, countries of origin of the producers, intermediate steps.

Nowadays, however more and more often, the label is the first thing that a consumer looks at before buying a product and s/he does it with a critical eye, because he wants to know, because he does not want to reward those who mistreat and exploit workers (often minors) and the environment. There is more and more interest on the so-called “Corporate Social Responsibility” nowadays on the agenda in the meetings of many industrial categories.

One thing is certain: after this pandemic, we must really reflect on the relationships we have with the economy, with the planet, and if we still deserve the nickname of “human beings”. For the first time in history, we are faced with the task of giving “body” to everything that constitutes the human dimension and experience, the nature of the human subject. In this reality of ours where everything seems to monetize and commodify, even people risk being treated as collective goods or individuals, remotely controlled by a system that is increasingly impoverishing humanity. We must recover the richness of human relationships that are fundamental to give flavor to life.

“If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange our apples then you and I will still have one apple each. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.” (George Bernard Shaw)

“The world is full of dreamers who have chosen to act to make the world better. A better world is made up of better people. And each of us can be that better person. If you change your view of things, you may meet so many on your way. Discover your talent and make it available to others to build something. With your example, you can not only change the world, but you can totally revolutionize it.” (Graziano Naressi)
“We invented a mountain of unnecessary consumption. And we live by buying and throwing away. What we are wasting is a lifetime because when I buy something I do not do it with money, but with the lifetime that I had to use to earn that money. The only thing you can’t buy is life. Life is consumed. And it is miserable to consume life to lose freedom.” (Pepe Mujica)
“The system will collapse if we refuse to buy what they want to sell us, their ideas, their version of history, their wars, their weapons, their notion of inevitability. Remember this: we are many and they are few. They need us more than we need them. Another world not only is possible, but it is coming. On calm days I hear it breathing.” (Arundhati Roy)
“Human beings have created a society that consumes all their time, their energy, their lives. There are no free time spaces left to learn and so life becomes mechanical and almost meaningless. We must be very clear about the meaning of the expression “free time”: a time, a period in which the mind is not occupied by anything. It is the time of observation. Only an unoccupied mind is able to observe.” (J. Krishnamurti)


01 October 2022 - Start of Crowdfunding

Start of the Crowdfunding campaign.

Help us to create the Portal with a donation and invite your friends!

01 December 2022 - End of crowdfunding
Our goal is to reach as soon as possible the amount necessary to create the new Portal and to print the Molita industrially. The Crowdfunding we will do will be “open”, that is, we will continue to raise funds even after completion. The more resources we collect, the more functions of the portal will be present at the launch. We will use any advanced money to promote the exchange of information, finance Graziano’s courses, and add new functions to the portal


December 2022 - Design and Development of the Portal

The new Portal will be an upgrade of the Knowlative webApp. Current Knowlative users will have access to more knowledge at a lower cost.

February 2022 - Printing of the first Molita specimens

In February we will have the first copies of Molita printed. We will start packaging them and preparing them for distribution

April-May 2022 - First test version of the Portal

We will work to give our best to offer a Portal that is as complete as possible, easy to use, and intuitive.

July 2023 - Start of inclusion of projects in the Beta version of the portal

We hope to be able to upload a part of the projects in the portal before its launch. We will continue, also with your help, to add all Graziano’s projects and all community projects after launch.

August 2023 - First meeting of the Knowledge Portal and Launch of the Portal

In August 2023 we will organize a weekend of the meeting and celebration for the official launch of the Portal of Knowledge. On that occasion, the Molitas will be distributed to the participants who have helped us in the crowdfunding and there will be dinner with those who have contributed a Level 5 or 6 Perk! It will be an amazing party for all groups!

Click on the level of contribution you want to give for more information