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Special “No Barriers” Online Ticket – Unwinding Traumas 2024



Check your eligibility below! For each ticket “No Barriers” Knowlative offers part of the cost of the congress.

Knowlative is committed to fostering the growth and inclusivity of the muscle response testing community globally. This initiative embodies Knowlative’s dedication to accessibility, trust, and community solidarity and was created to support the professional development of kinesiologists facing economic hardships, to aid those recovering from the pandemic’s impact, and to promote the worldwide growth of muscle response testing.


  • Super Discounted Price: Offered at a significantly reduced rate to ensure affordability for all, regardless of financial status or geographic location.
  • Trust-Based Application: No need for explanations or justifications to access this offer. Knowlative trusts in the integrity and conscience of the community members to self-assess their eligibility.
  • Community Support: Encourages the global muscle response testing community to share this opportunity, ensuring it reaches those who can most benefit from it.
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In recognition of the diverse challenges faced by our global kinesiology community, Knowlative is thrilled to introduce a Super Discounted Online Ticket for the upcoming 2024 Conference that will take place on May 1-4, 2024.

Understanding the Challenges:

  • Global Exchange Rates: We recognize that for many of our colleagues around the world, the fluctuation in exchange rates has made attending international conferences a distant dream. The reality of unfavorable exchange rates with the Euro can render the cost of professional development prohibitively expensive.
  • Impact of COVID-19: The pandemic has left an indelible mark on our profession, with many kinesiologists experiencing significant disruptions to their practice. The journey to recovery continues to be a challenging one for those whose livelihoods were affected by restrictions and lockdowns.
  • Promoting Growth: At Knowlative, our mission extends beyond the boundaries of geography and economic constraints. We are committed to sponsoring the growth of muscle response testing on a global scale. It’s our belief that by making knowledge more accessible, we can foster innovation and collaboration across countries that have traditionally been out of reach.

The Offer:

In light of these challenges, we are offering a Super Discounted Ticket (50% of normal rate!) for online participation in the 2024 K-Conversations Conference. This special offer is designed to ensure that no one is left behind due to financial constraints or geographical barriers.


This offer is aimed at:

  • Kinesiologists facing economic hardships.
  • Professionals impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Practitioners in countries with unfavorable exchange rates.

How to Apply:

In line with our values of trust and inclusivity, applying for this Super Discounted Ticket is a straightforward and trusting process. Here’s how:

  • Simply purchase the ticket here. There’s no need for explanations or justifications – we trust in the integrity of our applicants.
  • Knowlative places its faith in the conscience of each individual. We believe that our community members are best positioned to assess their own eligibility based on their personal and professional circumstances.
  • We rely on the global muscle response test community to embrace and uphold the spirit of this initiative. We encourage you to share this opportunity with peers who you believe would truly benefit from it, especially those who might not be aware of this offer.

In essence, our approach is based on mutual trust and respect. We trust that you will respect the intent behind this offer and help us ensure it reaches those for whom it is intended. Together, we can make the 2024 K-Conversations Conference a landmark event for muscle testers from all corners of the globe, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Closing Thoughts:

We believe in the power of community and the transformative impact of shared knowledge. This special offer embodies our commitment to inclusivity, support, and the collective growth of our field. Join us in making the 2024 K-Conversations Conference a truly global event, where barriers to entry are lowered, and the spirit of learning unites us all.

Due to its nature, this offer will be available only for a short period of time. If you think you are eligible, please save your spot as soon as possible.

What is included

Everything that you can find in the “normal” online ticket:

  • Online Access to all 24 presentations and to the playback videos of all the moments of the conference
  • The possibility to participate to pre-conference courses (pre-conference courses price not included).
  • Full access to all online activities in English
  • Conference journal: PDF in English and Spanish
  • Competence certificate
  • 34 hours of Muscle Response Testing. Some of the leading speakers in the Kinesiology world, sharing their experiences.
  • 17 hours of professional updated recognised by IKC
  • Practical applications in every speech: Something that you can immediately use on yourself or on others, in person or in distance-work.
  • New Presentations: authors will present new topics and presentations not presented in any other recent conference.
  • Watch the videos for 3 months in Knowlative (Forever if you are a Knowlative PRO user!), from any device, anytime. Presentations texts with links to cited acupuncture points, hand modes, meridians, vocabulary, etc. Easy to study and keep in mind. (3 months since the publication of the last translated video)

More details about the conference

See the full info about the conference here: https://k-conversations.com/2024-conference/