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In Presence Only, 1-Day Pass – Unwinding Traumas 2024


May 1st-4th, 2024

Tired of Online only conferences?

Join us by the ocean and a stunning weather!

Recharge your batteries while improving your Muscle Testing skills!

This 1-day does NOT include on-line activities and playback access!

Check all the details here.

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Your ticket gives you:

  • In Presence access to the 1 day of conference (please select your preferred day)
  • Access to the exposition at the conference (in presence only)
  • Coffee Break the selected day
  • Amazing group activity during the selected morning waiting for the conference to start.
  • The possibility to participate to pre-conference courses (pre-conference courses price not included).
  • Printed Conference journal (you can choose between English and Spanish)
  • Practical applications in every speech: Something that you can immediately use on yourself or on others, in person or in distance-work.
  • New Presentations: authors will present new topics and presentations not presented in any other recent conference.

Attention: this pass does not include on-line access and playbacks.


Chosen Day

Wed May 1st, Thu May 2nd, Fri May 3rd, Sat May 4th