How to Use the Friend Code


1      Please go to
2      The page appears as following:
  • If you are new customer, please click “Sign UP” and eventually check the “How To – User Registration” moreover please Log In (eventually check “How To – Login”)!

Please pay attention as the OLD registration for the Knowlative blog doesn’t work ( !!!


3      First App Page
  • Please go in your profile menu and click My Page


4      Profile Page

Your personal data will come up.

  • Go to page “Subscription”

5      Copy and Paste

You can easily copy the link with your personalised Friend Code by clicking on the indicated button.

  • Copy the code
  • Paste it in a new email or text message and send it to your friend

If your friend use that to complete registration:

Congratulation you have a new friend in Knowlative both will receive a permanent monthly discount!

Still Need Help?

Our customer support is here to help, please email us at and we will answer your question as soon as possible.