Firstly, I would like to thank the people who have made this initiative possible, those who first had the idea, created Knowlative, and developed and supported it. At long last, something concrete that can be shared and to which everybody can contribute for the general good.

Having said that, personally speaking I don’t have any active or tried protocols, but I’m aware that Specialized Kinesiology can provide some tools that are helpful to us. I also have ideas, just like Alexis Costello, and to be honest I wish I could have written her article with the same skill, but that’s another story….

I wholeheartedly share her ideas and suggestions and would only like to add one topic that is particularly dear to me and about which little is spoken: fear.

  • Fear in all its forms: anxiety, anguish, apprehension, panica, terror.
  • Fear that is creeping into our lives due to the situation created by the spread of Covid-19.
  • The anxiety and worry created by the media that keep updating the public about government measures and the crises in our national health system; the limitations to our personal freedom, the worry of losing our jobs and above all the fear for the health of our near and dear ones.

I was therefore thinking how specialised kinesiology could help, and would like to share a list of proposals, based on my knowledge in this field.

I will personally put them into practice (wherever possible) in the on-line sessions that I have been activating in the last few days (I’m writing from Italy where I was forced to close my activities a few weeks ago).

I would like to invite those who find this idea interesting to do the same, and maybe a useful protocol will be established, or maybe not, but it would certainly make me feel less frustrated and impotent, knowing that I have many tools that could be used to help people.

This is what comes to mind:

  1. From TFH: use the ESR technique starting from the visualisation of a situation of anxiety/panic/fear and develop it with a situation of calm, well-being and health.
  2. From PKP: use the TFO technique, concentrating first on the negative theme and substituting it for a positive theme.
  3. Chinese Medicine teaches us that fear affects our kidneys, therefore some areas of the kidneys (K1, K3, K10, K27) could be toned. A small target could be set (TFH), or alternatively topics and information could be pause-locked (AP), using the PKP acupoints mode (EL 02 C) or the AP mode to test if it is the correct route to follow, testing the single points to find priorities and using the test again to work out how to adjust them (manual treatment, needles, colours, essences, diapason, sounds…) according to individual experience.
  4. Regarding Kidney toning, a kidney respiration method (See Video 1) or exercise to stimulate energy in the kidneys (See Video 2) could be used.
  5. Again, regarding Kidney toning, a flax heating or seed bag should be used on the lumbar zone at bedtime (more practical when lying supine but there are also some with belts to help position the bag correctly).
  6. Continuing in the field of Chinese Medicine, my teacher often insisted that the “Heart/Kidney Axis” was the supporting structure of an individual, therefore any technique would calm the heart, for example whilst toning the kidneys. The technique regarding the respiration “of the heart” comes to mind. Breathe in, mentally counting to five, and imagine directing the air directly to the centre of your chest, to your heart. Breathe out, mentally counting to five, and let the air leave the centre of your chest, making the heart lighter. In my opinion, any pranayama yoga technique will have the same effect. The respiratory rhythm slows down, the heart rate diminishes, increasing the feeling of well-being and reducing the production of toxins and free radicals.
  7. The diapason and frequencies are greatly used in AP. Even viruses vibrate at a certain frequency (like all living organisms) and therefore frequencies that are favourable to life and health, such as all music composed at 432 HZ, should be used. Mozart would be perfect, but so would any other music composed at 432 HZ. Many examples can be found on Spotify.
  8. Regarding frequencies, Dr. Thomas Cowan has provided an explanation regarding the appearance of Covid-19. If you are interested, you can find out more by watching an extract of his conference copying into your browser the following link:
  9. The video focuses on the appearance of 5G as a triggering factor in the spread of Covid-19, and therefore, the PKP techniques regarding geopathic stress, for those who know them, could be tested and used. Alternatively, we could surround ourselves with salt lamps, rainbow obsidians and any other stones that are suited to absorbing electromagnetic fields.
  10. Finally, a particularly useful suggestion that has nothing to do with Kinesiology: stop watching the news. Switch of the tv and listen to some good music.
  11. Last but not least: just spread LOVE, in all your thoughts, actions and feelings. Only love can defeat fear.