The Eight Extraordinary Meridians

ASSOCIATED MODE: Touch the Glabella with the Thumb of one hand, while simultaneously hold Acupressure Mode with other Hand, Pause Lock, and test Indicator Muscle.  SCOPE-UTILITY: This...

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Pulse Check

Scope-Utility In Chinese Medicine, pulse check is an important diagnostic tool. In muscle testing, pulse check is used to determine if there is an excess of energy in a meridian. History In Chinese...

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Surrogate Muscle Testing

To test a muscle that is not directly testable and cannot be accessible to TL, the technique of Surrogate Muscle Testing can be used.The principle of this technique is "asking" to an easy to test...

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Alarm Points Test

Each meridian has associated an Alarm Point on the torso – some are on the midline and some are bilateral. The points are not necessarily located on the meridian itself.  Scope This technique can be...

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Basic 14 Muscles

In kinesiology each meridian is associated with one or more muscles. For example, the central meridian is associated with the supraspinatus. The spleen meridian is associated with five muscles:...

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Balancing Tap

Short Description In order for muscle testing to work as accurate as possible, it is a good idea, for both, the kinesiologist and the client, to have their bodies “energy balanced”. Balance Imagine...

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