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Knowlative philosophy

We want to change the World proposing as central point the sharing of knowledge between health and wellbeing professionals to improve the overall health of every single human being. The best tool available to do this is, in our opinion, muscle response testing kinesiology: a powerful biofeedback tool that, to spread out, does not require access to complex technology but just exchange of information and experience.

In our vision the central role for this change should be played by therapists that can easily influence the way people perceive life and live and therefore that can spread easily a paradigm shift.

The world of muscle response testing (a.k.a. Applied and Specialized Kinesiology) is complex and fragmented. With dozens of major and minor branches and schools, the access to latest techniques and improved procedures is quite difficult, time consuming and expensive.

A lot of new ideas become easily a “brand new” branch usually containing some interesting innovations and a lot of old stuff with shining names. To improve our practice with that innovations becomes then a difficult task. We have to spend a lot of money and waste a lot of time. And when we go back home with a “brand new” seminar or method we usually have to decrypt all the material to make it match our personal methods and protocols and, often, we discover that we already knew some or much of the “brand new” information.

Furthermore, the lack of a common language among different schools generated by this habit makes the sharing of knowledge between co-workers very difficult.

Everyone of us knows that a lot of techniques with different names from divergent methods are practically slight variations of the same concept. A lot of techniques with the same name are different in some minor step or propose just a different correction method with the same testing steps. All this prevent sharing and growth. In addition, this disjunction among different kinesiology practitioners makes the creation of useful statistical data impossible and the scientific validation of our amazing practice improbable.
Another attitude that we do not like is that some teachers transmit they knowledge in a “pseudo-religious” way. They state their method is the only “truth” against a world of “sinners” and of “darkness”. But their method is largely a copy of previous ideas. For a while this “fideistic” approach to kinesiology convinced us, as it is still doing with many other students, but we sensed something weird in it.

In our practice we are trying to change our patient’s/client’s World into a cooperative World full of connection, sharing and love for life. Meanwhile the structure of our practice is full of division, competition, envy and hate.

It is impossible to transmit a message of change in the life of people seeking our advice if we are not “that” kind of change, if we do not already follow those advices in our lives. I cannot really make a “difference” for people around me if I am not already “different”.


Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”

George Bernard Shaw

Until now the majority of us accepted change in a passive way and carried on the changes set by others. It is time to change with awareness, to consciously set the right direction to the change we want in our lives and in the lives of our patients/clients.
In Knowlative we share the knowledge, the tips and tricks that everyone of us gets from practice and we receive a revenue for that sharing. We can constantly update our vocabulary to consolidate a world-wide common language for our profession.
We can access everyday new techniques directly explained by who described them and use them in our daily work in a user friendly WebApp.

Our project is to put the possibility to change in every one’s hand.

If you are thinking that the World you are living in is not as it should be, just change it! A fast connection with other people willing to change. The real time sharing of everyone’s knowledge, experience and tips will allow this community of health professionals to bring change to the World.