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A perfect System for all integrated medicine operators, therapists and doctors

We are a community of colleagues and friends that want to change the way the world looks at Muscle Response Testing. We strongly believe that cooperation and sharing are the only way to build a strong community, to publish strong evidence, to advance in this amazing field and to have fun in our daily work with clients.

Specialized and Applied Kinesiology or Muscle Response Testing, as we like to call it, is an amazing science and art! Whether you are a professional, a student or just curious about how muscle response testing works, this is the perfect system for you.


The WebApp is the heart of Knowlative. It is the most extensive online database of Muscle Response Testing and Kinesiology.

More than 4000 different topics built for muscle testers in a fast and usable database growing every day.

Open house

Do you want to chat about a hot kinesiology topic among friends? Open houses are the right virtual place for you!

Our approach

Knowlative makes cooperation in integrated health a reality, try it.

A Service for health operators

The simple and prompt user interface of Knowlative provides access to the best available techniques, ready to be used in your professional work. Find with a click the right muscles to test, the reflexes associated to those muscles, the description of nutrients, more than 150 techniques and much more. We are constantly expanding our contents and improving our services.

Source of revenue

Knowlative rewards every contributor to the platform! If you have a new life-changing technique you want to share and spread to the world, Knowlative is just the right place: add the technique to our database and we are going to reward you based on its use in our community.


Continuous improvement is the key to personal and professional achievements. Reach out to a community of peers, keen for more knowledge and more understanding. Contribute to the growth of the community sharing your experience. Knowlative gives you the possibility to advertise your activity and to share it with a community of professionals and also to organize your online courses.

Common language

A Common Language is of crucial importance! The dictionary of technical keywords is free and available for everyone. If something is missing or incomplete, you can update it. Knowlative is the platform for sharing and building a common path of collaborative knowledge.

Events - Courses

Health education paves the way to the well being. Education is a result of training and knowledge. Knowlative organizes at least two “K-Conversations” events each year: a world conference and a collaborative course. Knowlative provides technical support for events organized by schools and associations and hosts live and on-demand muscle response testing courses by various Authors..

Much more

We are matching grants issuers and researchers to improve the quality of publications and education. We are constantly upgrading the WebApp. We are also paving the way for other amazing projects: publications of the most interesting statistics of the platform, new courses and educational projects and, not least, the organization of clinics.

What People Are Saying

“First at all I will say – it is an impressive work every lecturer has put into their part. This course is the first of its kind, so I understand you had to start somewhere – it’s never done before.
Thanks for your initiative and great work.
Thanks for the great work you at Knowlative and the 4 lecturers have done.”
Heike Jepsen

01/12/2020, about GBA collaborative course

“First, thank you for another inspiring online conference. It is so wonderful to be able to connect with kinesiologists worldwide and watch so many informative presentations.”
Katie Burke

22/03/2021, about R&I conference

“Wow what an incredible course this has been – worth every second of staying up till 2am!

Thank you so much it really has been so enjoyable with incredible teachers – I feel so honoured to be part of it.”

Lisa Wilter

15/11/2020, about GBA collaborative course

“Every time i needed to check a muscle test or the correct position of an Acupuncture point, i had to look for them in my manuals and books. Since Knowlative is on line, I just need one of my devices and I can find all I need for my job in just a few clicks, wherever I am, in my studio or several miles away from home. Additionally, to this priceless service, I already had the chance to attend to international conferences which otherwise i would never be able to partecipate. Thanks, you did a great job and I hope you’ll continue to do it!”
Monica Merlini

21/06/2021, About Knowlative WebApp

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Latest free contents

Strong Muscle

A “Strong” muscle is either a Balanced Muscle or a Hypertonic Muscle. In Knowlative we try to avoid as much as possible the use of “strong” referred to a muscle because the term is inprecise and misleading. With Muscle Response Test, we are not assessing the strength...

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Hypertonic Muscle

In Kinesiology, we consider only functional unbalances and not organical/neurological/anatomical conditions.  A muscle that responds “Strong” to MRT and cannot be inhibited using one of the muscular inhibition techniques (see muscle correction...

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Hypotonic Muscle

In Kinesiology, we consider only functional unbalances and not organical/neurological/anatomical conditions.  A muscle that responds “Weak” to MRT is a Hypotonic muscle. This state is caused either by an Underfacilitated antagonist or by an...

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The Triple Heater Main channel is one of the Yang Channels associated with the Fire Element (火 huǒ). It is associated with Ministerial Fire. The Triple Heater Meridian (also known as Sanjiao/Triple Burner/Warmer/Energizer) is a yang meridian and is paired with the...

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Supraspinatus EK version

Hand Monitoring On the dorsal aspect of forearm, close to wrist. Hand Stabilizing On the shoulder of the monitored arm.  Monitoring Direction Push medially to adduct the arm. Note

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The Kidney Main Channel is the Yin channel associated with Water Element (水 shuǐ). Known as the 'Minister of Power', the kidney is regarded as the body's most important reservoir of essential energy. The original prenatal energy (yuan qi) which forms the basis of life...

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