About us

Sharing who we are is the first step into participation.
Welcome to Knowlative!

Knowlative is a group of friends with a common vision: change the world we are living in by improving the impact that Muscle Response Testing has on the health and wellbeing of every human being.
We know that collaboration wins over competition every time. We know that only by creating a strong worldwide community of Muscle response testers we can enhance our impact on society. Knowlative wants to provide a safe space for kinesiology and kinesiologists to grow together, faster, with joy.

We use new technologies to help spread Kinesiology, while making sure that the human and collaborative part is protected and preserved. CoVID 19 had a profound impact on our lives but helped us to understand that we are world-wide community and can connect, interact and learn together no matter the physical distance between us. We think that computers and information technology are a super useful tool, especially in these times, nonetheless we are looking forward to meeting all our “family” together “physically” every time we can.

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What are we doing now?

Our main project is to build a “space” where we can share experiences and techniques, we can learn (and teach) kinesiology and where, in time, we will be able to gather meaningful statistical data based on our work with muscle response testing, both to improve our personal practice and to build strong evidence supporting kinesiology.
We are constantly seeking new ways to improve the lives of Muscle Testers with knowledge, collaboration, services.

Knowlative WebApp

The largest online Muscle Response Test database. You can access it here with a Free (demo) account or with a PRO (paying) account. The database is growing every day with new technical contents.

Free events

The “Open Houses” are informal meeting where every participant share their point of view over a Kinesiology theme.


Courses held by international instructors with access to the live online event and/or to the recordings and documents inside the database.

Collaborative Courses

An innovative format of course where 4 different renowned teachers show their point of view on the same topic and illustrate an integrated protocol to work with the 4 methods at once.

International Kinesiology conferences

In partnership with international associations, and under the name “K-Conversations”. These events are simultaneously translated in several languages and available for playback later inside Knowlative webApp.



Other new projects that we will disclose in next months (stay tuned!).

Do I need to be a Kinesiologist to access Knowlative?

We try to make our technical contents as simple as possible. You do not need to be already a professional to enjoy our contents. But the level of detail of some of our content is really useful to experienced kinesiologists and in intended to expand knowledge.

We have for example, inside Knowlative App, 150 vocabulary definitions to help you understand technical kinesiology terms if you are not yet familiar with them. But we have also an atlas with all muscles of the body organized by the moved joints and directions of movement and there is at least one detailed way of testing every one of them with muscle response testing (with videos for the more used explaining exactly how to perform the test).

The database is huge, but you can easily access it at a different levels of complexity and the search bar helps you to find the content you need.
For example, do you want to know how many muscles are involved in a specific joint movement? Just search for the joint inside the app and you’ll have the answer. How many muscles are balanced by the same Neuro Vascular reflex? Just search for the reflex and you have the solution.

Our several courses have different levels of complexity, too and we are sure you will enjoy them no matter what your level is.
Are you just interested in knowing more but not in using muscle response test in your personal and professional life? This might not be what you are looking for. If in your explorations you fall in love with muscle response testing, come back and we will grow together sharing our experience!