Our vision

Knowlative aims and purposes. 


The history so far

The majority of kinesiologists do not gather in a usable way the history of their work. To participate in a scientific study, you are requested to fill in data forms. This is a very expensive process, and the majority of kinesiologists is not willing to “waste” time (and money) in long term studies.
Scientific studies are, in the long run, the most important asset we can have to demonstrate the value of our work and to make muscle response testing a normal part of the life of every human being on the planet.
An easy process to gather data while working is the key to having statistics and, therefore, scientific studies and make our industry progress.

Several Applied Kinesiology schools and a plethora of different Specialized Kinesiology modalities have been created in time. They do not talk to each other easily and, often, they use different terminology to name the same techniques and concepts.
It soon become clear that, before having a tool where we can store and analyze our data, we needed to have a common language first. For this reason, the first version of the WebApp had only vocabulary definitions and they are fully accessible to anyone with just a free account.

Professional contents


Vocabulary definitions

Since the creation of the Vocabulary, we have been constantly adding new knowledge and links. And we now have more than 5000 professional contents. Every content can have videos, pictures and documents. They are linked with 22000 meaningful links. This means that you can know, for example, how many muscles are balanced by every reflex, how many muscles move a joint in each direction of movement, how many formats and techniques are related to a particular acupoint, and so on.


Future plans

This is our “Big Plan”: we are constantly working…

On the usability of the web app constantly improving its use during work or study.

To build a strong worldwide community of likeminded people to strengthen muscle response testing impact on society.

Meanwhile, we will go on adding features to the App:

Introduce the possibility to “submit” a more structured scientific study to all muscle testers (e.g.: randomized controlled trials)

Publish structured research to prove what we see every day with our clients: muscle response testing rocks!

Add the ability to store client’s data in a structured way so to be able to have personal statistics of our work.

Anonymized client’s data used to have worldwide statistics and the ability to do observational scientific studies.

Introduce machine learning and artificial intelligence in the analysis of our data to improve the study and work of muscle response testers.

Developing this kind of technology requires a lot of resources but we will reinvest all revenues for every Knowlative activity to realize our vision as soon as possible.

If you like the idea support us by using the WebApp, participating to our events, sharing with friends.

Thanks for your support to be a donor, to have a membership, to develop resources and collaborate, to spread the word, to use the resources, to attend events and to make this vision reality!