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New Solutions For A New World – 2022 Conference


Once again, the worldwide family of Muscle Testers gathered in a safe space to stay united and grow despite the uncertainty and challenges we are living through.

2 years passed since the 1st global muscle response test event and the beginning of the Covid pandemic. Last year, with the 2nd conference, we tried to keep our roots firm and embrace innovation.

After 1 more year, we are aware that the world is changing really fast. While a part of the population is scared, there is another part that embraces the new challenges and is building a strong worldwide community. Collaboration is, in our opinion, the best solution for this new World… and we want this community to thrive!

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Enjoy this international conference Online anytime!

Your ticket gives you:

  • Full access to all the PLAYBACK videos in English
  • Download PDF Journal (in English)
  • Competence certificate
  • 20+ hours of Muscle Response Testing. Some of the leading speakers in the Kinesiology world, sharing their experiences.
  • Practical applications in every speech. Something that you can immediately use on yourself or on others, in person or in distance-work.
  • Watch the videos for 3 months in Knowlative, from any device. Presentations texts with links to cited acupuncture points, hand modes, meridians, vocabulary, etc. Easy to study and keep in mind.
  • Now available even with just a free Knowlative account (no subscriptions required in Knowlative)
  • Get a complimentary 1-month Knowlative PRO Access Key (Discount Key, commercial value 19 €)


17 speakers from all around the world:

  • Adam Lehman – Balancing Emotional Physiology. Breaking Down Walls Towards Establishing A More Coherent Emotional State of Balance
  • Arik Xander – How remote surrogacy works + best practices
  • Alexis Costello – Understanding and accessing morphogenetic fields with muscle testing
  • Charlotte Shanti – New dimensions create new possibilities in muscle testing
  • David Corby – Sinusitis: A body psychology perspective
  • Emma Acquarone – Muscle Dysfunction and The Anchor Ring
  • Edoardo Bevilacqua – The Four Phases of Menstrual Cycle and the Moon, rebalancing the right phase at the right time
  • John Maguire – AK Shortcuts to Balance the Acupuncture Meridians Quickly and Effectively
  • Larry Green – Kinesiology for Horses
  • Ludovico Feletto – Knowlative WebApp: best practices to improve your study and work
  • Marco Rado – Little Muscles, Big Issues. How to balance the Eye and Suboccipital muscles. + Mini Course
  • Matthew Thie – Simple Ways to “Self-Test” with Touch For Health for Self-Awareness, Self-Balancing, Coaching/Balancing Over the Internet, and Greater Active Participation and Self-Responsibility in Muscle/Energy Balancing
  • Ondrej Bursik – The Traditional Chinese Stem system and how to utilise in clinic settings
  • Tanya Levy & Michelle Greenwell – Interactive Art to Balance through the Five Elements
  • Wayne Topping – Psychological Impact of the Pandemic
  • Annemarie Goldschmidt – Universal Healing Model (created by Andrew Verity) +  Tribute to Andrew Verity

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