The aim of this procedure is to test if you need a specific balance for your immune system.

To see if there is stress in the immune system, you can test one (or more) of these possibilities:

  • Immune System Format that Marco Rado uses
  • Wei Chi (Defensive Energy) format from Alexis Costello
  • Another one you have in your normal procedure
  • You can simply ask to the body if you do not know any other alternatives.


  1. Test the list of the suggested techniques: you can add here every other technique you learned int these days. I will create a copy of this protocol after the conference adding every other useful link to the other presentations and to add all the missing aspects like emotions, structure,… You will find it after May 15th in the “Stress and the Immune System” group.
  2. Find the priority.
  3. Balance
  4. Repeat from number 1.


General balances

  • Neurolymphatic Reflexes: General Neuro-lymphatic Massage
  • NeuroVascular Reflexes: Neuro-Vascular Cycle


  • General nutrition: Use your usual technique. For example GEMS Nutrition Protocol
  • General prevention: Prevention is the first defense
  • High risk areas: Increase Anti-Viral defenses in high risk areas
  • Recovery: B complex for recovery, Multinutrients
  • Water: Hydration