A little information about each of the seven major chakras has been included in Knowlative, including a brief description of the organs and glands they each are connected to and some of the energetic patterns. Typically we begin with the root chakra and move upward through the body’s energy system. In order to work with these in session:

1) Use Chakra Mode to define that this is the form of energy you are monitoring for. (Note: there are variations of Chakra Mode. I use the structure finger pad over the thumbnail as in the photo attached here)

2) Holding Chakra Mode, check each chakra in turn, monitoring an indicator muscle for a change.

3) If desired, you can scan through the information about each chakra, noting areas of stress and adding them into your circuit.

4) Correct using any techniques at your disposal, OR try this one:

  • concentrate for a moment on your palm chakras and getting your energy flowing.
  • place two fingers lightly at GV 24.5 on the glabella, acknowledging the individuals connection with light and energy.
  • place the other hand over the stressed chakra, just off the body (or muscle monitor for how far off the body you need to be). Allow the energy to flow and reset.

5) Retest Chakra Mode and each center.