Note: this technique is adapted from a text written by Roberto Gava. Numbers refers to the sources of his article that is listed as reference.


The first prevention must aim to keep our immune system strong and well-functioning. This point is fundamental and must always be respected and for the prevention of any pathology, infectious or otherwise.

So, the first and most effective prevention is always to have a correct lifestyle!

Our organism is almost always able to overcome the attack that is moved by any virus, bacterium, fungus or germ existing or not yet created, provided that we keep it in good health and protect it adequately.


  1. Test if one or more of the items of this list causes an Indicator Change.
  2. Remember to test for priority.
  3. Work on the aspect you found
  4. Restart from step 1 to see if you need to do something else.

Main advices to test:

  • Reduce animal foods (especially meat and milk with their derivatives) and preserved and industrial (it is useful to reduce meat consumption also to indirectly fight against intensive farms where animals are kept in unhealthy conditions and treated like valueless objects. By treating them in this way the animals are highly stressed and therefore easily sick of infections that predispose to the chronic use of antibiotics. This facilitates viral infections and ultimately lays the foundations for very pathogenic germs to make the “species jump” and pass from animal to man).
  • Maximize vegetable foods, especially fresh vegetables, whole grains with little gluten, legumes and fresh and dried fruit.
  • Drink about 1.5-2 litres of water per day, preferably slightly alkaline and with low fixed residue.
  • Do everything possible to normalize your body weight, eat less quantitatively if you are overweight, and chew your bites well in order to facilitate and speed up digestion.
  • Do some physical activity every day (for example, at least 30 minutes of brisk walking in the open air and surrounded by nature).
  • Sleep a minimum of 7 hours (better 8) a day, in the dark and without background noise and possibly far from sources of electromagnetic fields.
  • Immediately or gradually abolish vices (smoking, coffee, alcohol, drugs, useless drugs but also the excessive and unmotivated use of mobile phones, computers, television; also abolishing addictions and / or incorrect behaviours from any point of view).
  • Take probiotics, some supplements or nutraceuticals based on your nutritional deficiencies, especially the nutrients essential for our body (deficiencies are increasingly frequent today due to pollution of the environment and the food chain) (the most important antiviral supplements are vitamins A, C, D and mineral salts based on copper and zinc: see also what to do in high risk areas).
  • Cut out some time every day for reading and / or meditation and to do something you like, relax and gratify. In the period of greatest infectious risk, if possible, I recommend trying to get away from the most crowded areas or spend Sundays in the mountains (above 800-1000 meters and in any case at a suitable height also according to your conditions of health) or to the sea, to breathe good air and reinvigorate yourself (if you are well covered, it is very good, especially for children and the elderly, to walk a few hours along the beach even in winter).
  • Escape from conflicts and, more generally, all the opportunities of stress that depend on us (however, we should also try to do something to help the resolution of conflicts that do not depend on us).
  • Have a good and peaceful spirit to minimize both personal and inter-personal stress conditions (it is certain that not everyone is naturally capable of doing this, but everyone can do something to improve themselves).