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On-Line Limited Offer “Teide” – Unwinding Traumas 2024 (GOA)


Ursprünglicher Preis war: 507,00€Aktueller Preis ist: 387,00€.

On-Line Limited Offer - Ends March 31st
Ursprünglicher Preis war: 149,00€Aktueller Preis ist: 99,00€.
Help us with the organisation by purchasing your ticket asap.

Limited offer!

Bonus: “Biofeedback Essentials”
Speed bonus: “1 month Access Key” (valued at € 21) will be offered only to the first 10 orders!
Do not lose this opportunity! The offer ends March 31st, 2024!

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Are you limited in your work and life by obstacles you can’t overcome? Not sure which technique is the best to use and that will bring you results faster? Do you struggle to fill your clinic with clients who appreciate your work? Here’s how to become the best kinesiologist in your area by resolving your and your clients’ traumas with the most appropriate procedure.

Dear Muscle Tester,

If you’re reading this message, I know you’re a passionate muscle response tester looking to elevate your life and transform the lives of your clients by resolving the lingering effects of past traumas. Allow me to pose a question to you…

Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could stop feeling inadequate and under-equipped despite all the courses you’ve taken? What if you could shed the burden of past traumas and unlock your true potential in working with clients? Achieving this could mean effectively managing biochemical, emotional, or structural traumas and filling your clinic with satisfied clients.

I understand that this may seem like an impossible feat right now, as there are several obstacles that seem insurmountable, such as:

✅ You’ve invested significant time and money in muscle testing but haven’t achieved the desired results.

✅ Unlike you, those not using muscle testing have simple, mundane protocols that easily fill their appointment books.

✅ You don’t feel respected or recognized in your profession.

✅ On top of it all, your family may not fully understand why you’re dedicating so many resources to this methodology.

I know all of this sounds familiar, and it’s frustrating to see less-committed professionals achieving undeserved success or clients not grasping the value of your work.

Let me ask you one more question…

How often have you found yourself doubting your ability to effectively address your clients’ issues and fill your kinesiology appointment calendar?

I’ve asked myself this question more times than you can imagine—until I began incorporating into my daily work what I witnessed being applied by truly expert kinesiologists. It wasn’t until I truly immersed myself in the world of experts!

If you’ve made it this far, I’m confident that what I’m about to share will intrigue you. But rest assured, it’s just a taste of what you can gain by participating in Unwinding Traumas 2024:

✅ Free yourself from the lingering effects of long-held traumas.

✅ Learn techniques that can be seamlessly integrated into your protocol, generating satisfied clients with ease.

✅ Spend quality time with like-minded individuals in a tropical paradise.

✅ Personally meet teachers from around the world and learn from their experiences.

✅ Safely incorporate practical techniques derived from new branches of muscle testing.

I understand that these may seem like bold promises. Ultimately, you might be wondering:

“Who is Dr. Feletto, and why should I listen to him?”

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m a seasoned orthopedic practitioner with two decades of experience in integrated medicine and muscle testing, serving both Italy and Spain. I am also a co-founder of Knowlative, a company that, after five years in the market, has become a benchmark brand in the field of muscle response testing due to the quality of the content we produce, both online and in person.

We have created and made available globally the largest collaborative knowledge database in the field of muscle testing. What sets us apart is our commitment to citing all sources of information provided in our courses. We understand that citing and referencing the work of other authors enhances its credibility, a practice acknowledged by the international scientific community across all branches of human knowledge (except for a few outdated kinesiologists). Moreover, we respect copyright, unlike some others who vigorously defend their own work but incorporate copious amounts of others’ knowledge into their courses and manuals without proper attribution.

We are proud to have organized the world’s first online congress in five languages, attracting over 500 participants from more than 35 different countries. Our events are genuinely educational, not self-congratulatory. We give voice to all kinesiologists, in stark contrast to others who attempt to block access to new channels of information.

Our mission is to leverage technology for the betterment of kinesiology, placing it at the fingertips of everyone while safeguarding our users and their data. We are the only ones in the world offering events at a symbolic price for young kinesiologists, injecting fresh vitality into this beloved profession.

Our ongoing work on the Knowlative App, a project we’ve dedicated five years to, will yield statistically significant data in the future, safeguarding the professionalism of kinesiologists and defending them against the attacks they are already beginning to face. We are the sole global entity investing so heavily in the future of muscle testing.

Unwinding Traumas 2024: 24 speakers from all over the World!

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Take a moment to hear from participants who attended the “Connecting Communities” conference in 2023:

  • Kaycee: “I extend my gratitude to Knowlative for creating and facilitating the “Connecting Communities” Conference this past weekend. This marked my inaugural experience at a Kinesiology Conference, and I must say I was thoroughly impressed. I’m looking forward to attending the conference in person next year.”
  • Sylvia: “This conference wasn’t just an ordinary event for me. It was a profound three-day journey within myself—a transformative session. The conference’s serene and beautiful environment perfectly complemented the outstanding and instructive presentations. The ability to exchange knowledge with others was truly enriching. I’m well aware of the immense effort that goes into organizing and translating all this, and I genuinely appreciate you and your team for your hard work.”
  • Michael: “I am genuinely impressed with how approachable and dedicated you and your team were in handling all tasks. Your collective energy, enthusiasm, and genuine joy were a sight to behold, and I cherished the opportunity to interact with you and others on a personal level. Despite some technical challenges, your personal interactions receive a perfect 100/100 in my book. Your warmth and kindness shone through, and I deeply appreciate your individual and collective efforts. Well done, and I thoroughly enjoyed our conversations.”
  • Nicole: “Thank you for your invaluable contributions to the world of muscle testers and beyond. It’s truly wonderful and inspiring. Much gratitude.”
  • Michelle: “I’m delighted with the beautiful certificate! Thank you. It was a pleasure to be part of the presentations, and I’m eagerly looking forward to next year’s in-person event. The constant presence of Knowlative’s vision for advancing our work is both enjoyable and inspiring. The Chinese medicine presentations sparked new ideas for support, and I continue to extract tips and tools from my conference notes. Our unique and potent approach through Muscle Response Testing sets us apart, and I’m thrilled to be part of Knowlative and support its evolution. Thank you for all that you do and for fostering collaboration.”
  • Jody: “Meeting you and attending the event was a great joy and blessing. May you find encouragement in your mission and calling to serve others in their healthcare needs.”
  • Anne: “I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for granting access to the Connecting Communities conference over the past three months. I’ve been gradually working through all the speakers and just finished listening, taking notes, and revisiting all the presentations. Marco’s presentation, in particular, required two replays. The first time, it was too late in the night to fully absorb. The second time, I wondered why he was delving into specific meridians, Qi types, and so on until the end when he masterfully tied it all together. I had to watch it a third time to capture all the information. The quality of all the speakers was exceptional and specific to their branches of kinesiology, forming a beautiful mosaic of knowledge. Without any one of these pieces, the puzzle wouldn’t be complete. Even through video, you could feel the connectivity. I appreciate the technological prowess required to make this hybrid conference possible, and I thank everyone involved in its organization. Your generous access to the videos is greatly appreciated.”

And there is a 100%+ Money Back Guarantee

These are the results you’ll achieve by participating in Unwinding Traumas 2024. We are sure the conference will be super interesting and fun, but if you still have any doubts, fear not, because you are completely protected by our ironclad guarantee:

If, for any reason, you aren’t satisfied at the end of the first day of the congress, we’ll refund 100% of the ticket price you paid, plus an additional €50 bonus voucher for Knowlative shop for the inconvenience!

So, you’ll understand that there’s no better path or moment than this to master all the techniques you need to resolve traumas and attract all the clients you dream of.

Save your spot now, you can take advantage of this special offer reserved just for you! If you truly want to become a master in handling traumas with muscle testing, you can’t afford to miss out on the solution that’s tailor-made for you.

So, what are you waiting for?

Unwinding Traumas 2024: Your Passport to Success in Kinesiology

Take control of your destiny and enjoy an unparalleled transformation with Unwinding Traumas 2024. This exceptional event will offer you:

  1. Freedom from Past Traumas: Put aside the effects of traumas you’ve carried for too long.
  2. Practical and Immediate Techniques: Learn techniques directly applicable to your protocol, ensuring satisfied clients.
  3. Spend quality time with like-minded individuals comfortably from home.
  4. Meet Global Experts: Personally meet teachers from around the world and share valuable experiences with them.
  5. Integration of New Techniques: Safely add new techniques derived from innovative branches of muscle testing to your practice.

What You Get with Your Ticket

By purchasing your ticket for Unwinding Traumas 2024, you will receive:

  • Online Access to all 24 presentations and to the playback videos of all the moments of the conference
  • The possibility to participate to pre-conference courses (pre-conference courses price not included).
  • Full access to all online activities in English
  • Conference journal: PDF in English and Spanish
  • Competence certificate
  • 34 hours of Muscle Response Testing. Some of the leading speakers in the Kinesiology world, sharing their experiences.
  • 17 hours of professional update recognised by IKC
  • Practical applications in every speech: Something that you can immediately use on yourself or on others, in person or in distance-work.
  • New Presentations: authors will present new topics and presentations not presented in any other recent conference.
  • Watch the videos for 3 months in Knowlative (Forever if you are a Knowlative PRO user!), from any device, anytime. Presentations texts with links to cited acupuncture points, hand modes, meridians, vocabulary, etc. Easy to study and keep in mind. (3 months since the publication of the last translated video)
  • A Vibrant Community of Kinesiologists: Share knowledge and have fun together.
  • Extraordinary Value: All of this for only € 337.00 instead of € 387.00.

Exclusive Bonuses

Here are the exclusive bonuses you will receive for free:

  • Access to the live online course “Biofeedback Essentials in June 2024 (Valued at € 149).
  • SPEED BONUS: “1 month Access Key !“will be offered only to the first 10 orders! (valued at € 21).

All of This for Only €337.00

Secure your spot now and enjoy a total value of € 557.00 for the incredible price of €337.00.

Attention: This Is a One-Time Opportunity!

If you want to become a master in managing traumas with muscle testing and achieve outstanding session results, this is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss. The value of participating in Unwinding Traumas 2024 exceeds by far the price of € 297.00. This is clearly a special offer, so act now!

100%+ Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you aren’t satisfied at the end of the first day of the congress, we’ll refund 100% of the ticket price you paid, plus an additional €50 discount voucher for Knowlative Shop for the inconvenience!

Don’t Miss This Opportunity!

If you’ve read this far, you understand that this is an opportunity you can’t let slip away. Everything is GUARANTEED, and the price is truly advantageous. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to transform your kinesiology practice and achieve exceptional results.

Secure Your Spot Now!

Look how amazing was the past edition…  and Unwinding Traumas 2024 will be even better!

Ludovico Feletto and the Knowlative Team

P.S.: If you want to avoid facing traumas you can’t handle and want to have confidence in your session results, this is the opportunity you’ve been looking for. Don’t waste time because the value of participating in Unwinding Traumas 2024 exceeds by far the price of € 337.00. This is clearly a special price, so act quickly.

P.P.S.: Now, be honest with yourself. If you decline this offer, do you truly believe there’s another way to achieve the result you desire? If you’ve read this far, I’m sure the answer is no. The best thing you can do now is seize this opportunity because you’ve understood that everything is GUARANTEED… and at a truly advantageous price.

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