7 Elements Theory

Nov 1, 2021 | Vocabulary

Richard Utt, the ideator of Applied Physiology developed an expansion of the 5 Elements Theory that encompasses also the energy of Extraordinary Meridians after a discussion with a Tibetan Monk.
The elements added to the classical 5 Elements Theory are:

  • Ministerial Fire: TH (Triple Heater Channel – Shou Shao Yang) and PC (Pericardium Channel – Shou Jue Yin) meridians;
  • Air: GV (Governing Vessel – Du Mai) and CV (Conception Vessel – Ren Mai), that are the 2 extraordinary vessels that do not depend on the 12 main meridians.

HT (Heart Channel – Shou Shao Yin) and SI (Small Intestine Channel – Shou Tai Yang) meridians become Imperial Fire. This theory is one of the basic concepts of Applied Physiology.

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