Acupressure (digital pressure) refers to the application of pressure with the thumbs or fingertips to the same discrete points on the body that are recognized and stimulated in acupuncture for their therapeutic effects. These points are often used for the relief of tension or pain. (see also Acupuncture Point).
Because not all Kinesiologists are allowed to use needles and acupuncture, many procedures refer to the use of Acupressure or Digital pressure, both as a way of identifying stresses and imbalances within the body and as a corrective technique. 
Combinations of acupressure points used with hand modes are referred to as ‘formats’ and, when combined with manual muscle testing, can provide feedback on a variety of systems. 
When used as a corrective technique, the practitioner may apply Light Touch or Deep Touch, tapping, or stimulation of the point in another way such as with essences, aromatherapy, tuning forks, light, etc.