Institute of BioEnergetics Arts and Sciences

Adam Lehman, T.N.P. (Traditional Naturopathic Practitioner), En.K. (Energy Kinesiologist), currently resides in Petaluma, California. He is the Founder/Director of the North Bay Center of BioEnergetic Health, a private Wellness Consulting practice located in Sonoma, California, and the Institute of BioEnergetic Arts & Sciences. The Institute is the educational part of the center, offering self-help and professional training workshops based on Energy Kinesiology (muscle testing) and HeartMath emotional self-regulation and coherence methods.

Adam originally hailed from New York City, where he attended Trinity School for 10 years before going to northern Massachusetts to attend Northfield Mt. Hermon for his final two years of high school. After one year at Syracuse University in the Newhouse School of Communications, Adam left school to pursue his passion in music and recording. After living for a year in nearby Connecticut while studying music in New York City with Helen Hobbs Jordan, Adam returned to the city and began a year long apprenticeship at Studio 21, the recording studio of the National Lampoon. He then left to start his own recording studio, Wharf Rat Sound on the upper east side of Manhattan.

When Adam first moved to the Bay Area, he lived in Berkeley, and opened the Bay Area Center of KinesioHealth, where he practiced for several years. After moving to Sonoma, where he resided for 10 years, Adam re-named the center and maintains his practice there, as well as teaching workshops. He is now in demand as a presenter at conferences worldwide and an international professional trainer/instructor.