A set of 14 special points that give a read-out of stress involved in the 14 acupuncture meridians.
Tradition Chinese Medicine (TCM) describes only 12 alarm points (called Anterior Mu Points) and uses them to assess and balance the energy of the organs (Zang-Fu).
In Specialized/Applied Kinesiology we also use GV 26 (Man’s Middle) as the alarm point for the GV (Governing Vessel – Du Mai), and CV 24 (Container of Fluids) as the alarm point for the CV (Conception Vessel – Ren Mai). These extra alarm points are not included in Touch for Health, but are used in many branches of Applied Kinesiology.
In TCM an alarm point is both diag­nostic and therapeutic. The diagnostic aspect is very important in kinesiology. When a Meridian is out of balance, the alarm point is tender and it will respond to a Circuit Localization (CL) or a Therapy Localization/Location (TL). 
Depending on how they are used, these points can determine if a meridian has a deficiency of energy or an excess of energy that has ‘blown the circuit’.