Applied Physiology is one of the branches of Energy Kinesiology, founded by Richard D. Utt, L.Ac.  This approach is one of the most widespread forms of Kinesiology in the world (especially in Europe and Australia).
There are numerous courses developed by Richard Utt and cover all the typical aspects of Kinesiology (the so-called Triangle of Health: Structural, Biochemical, Emotional) and are divided into three different levels: Basic Courses:
    • Muscle Monitoring,
    • Attitude with Essences, 
    • Can Opener,
    • Basket Weaver,
    • Tibetan Figure’s 8

Intermediate Courses

    • 7 Chi Keys,
    • 5 Houses of Chi,
    • Centering, 
    • Pitch, Roll & Yaw,
    • Amino Acids,
    • TMJ & The Source Points, 

Advanced Courses

    • Brain Physiology,
    • Dao of Blood,
    • Cell Hologram, 
    • Muscle Hologram,
    • All Master Classes, one for each Organ. 

These courses are generally aimed at people who already have experience in Kinesiology and master Kinesiology Muscle Monitoring. So, even though there are someone defined as basic courses, they are actually courses that require previous knowledge of Kinesiology.  For those who have no previous Kinesiology experience, Touch For Health courses or the “100-Hour Course” in Applied Kinesiology are recommended.
There are numerous innovations that the Applied Physiology has introduced in the world of Kinesiology: 

  • monitoring each muscle in 14 different positions, 
  • the use of the concept of coordinate in which one works on two meridians simultaneously, 
  • the concept of Powers of Stress, 
  • the application of the Holographic Theory to Kinesiology, 
  • the concept of Formatting, 
  • Richard Utt was the first to explore in depth the anatomical and physiological aspects of each Organ / Meridian, especially of the Brain.

Many other authors, who have developed new branches and specializations of Kinesiology, started from the innovations of the Applied Physiology.  Therefore we can say that the following branches of Kinesiology are all evolved out from Applied Physiology: 

  • Brain Integration / LEAP (Larning Enhancement Acupressure Program) by Charles Krebs PhD, 
  • Stress Indicator Points System (SIPS) by Ian Stubbings, 
  • Neuroenergetic Kinesiology by Hugo Tobar, 
  • Kinergetics by Philip Rafferty,  
  • Integrative Physiology by Marco Rado;
  • Neuro Meridian Kinestetik by Irmtraud Große-Lindemann;