By Michelle B Waines Greenwell, (Fall 2019 issue of KinesioGeek Magazine – Healing with Sound) “Everything is Frequency” and so Begins the Healing Process
In order to understand “Healing with Sound”, an individual must change their whole perspective on the human body and the ability to heal.  In Western medicine, a malady begins, and symptoms arise.  The individual seeks out a doctor or medical person to diagnose what the symptom means and what form of treatment will release the physical malady.  The illness or dis-ease is considered a physical challenge that can be resolved with intervention.  In order to shift this ideology, one needs to recognize that “everything is frequency” and that all that is required is a shift in the frequency being expressed.
Richard Gerber, in his book “Vibrational Medicine” explores the recognition of the human subtle energetic anatomy, and specifically, the astral body, (p.136).  If you look at the keyboard on a piano and superimpose the frequencies of the energetic anatomy onto the keyboard, the lower end of the keys would be the “physical octaves” with a step to the right to the “etheric octave”, and the “astral octave” and the “mental octave”.  “Knowledge of this part of the subtle human anatomy has been known and taught since the earliest Egyptian dynasties.  The astral body is a component of the total multidimensional human being and, like the etheric body, is usually superimposed over the physical frame.” 
The astral body is often recognized for its emotional component.  In western medicine there is a recognition that emotions can have an impact on health and often these are referred to as neurochemical disturbances, but it can also be a shift in energy flow or frequency that is happening within the astral body, the chakras and into the 5 elements and meridians.  J. Gray, in “The Psychology of Fear and Stress” (1971) expressed: “The degree to which people are affected by these desires and fears governs the extent and nature of one’s personality expression upon the physical plane.”  Functioning as a mechanism outside of the physical body, the astral body is a consciousness level that can be explored through emotions and frequency shift, with the brain being the interface for expression of the soul into an active and physical life.
One way to look at this is the frequency of illness.  Dr. Gary Young of “Young Living Essential Oils” shares the power of using essential oils for their frequency component.  He recognizes that a Healthy Human Body will resonate at 62 – 68 Hz, while a body experiencing Candida symptoms will have shifted to a frequency of 55 Hz. Cancer begins to grow in healthy cells when the frequency drops to 42 Hz and death results when the frequency drops out of the body.  Our emotions can bring up our frequency or drop our frequency.  If we have a reaction to an event that increases our negative thoughts, there can be a drop in the body of 10 Hz.  If we continue to hold onto these thoughts, the drop in frequency becomes a new normal.  If we react to life with an increase in positive thoughts, there can be a rise of 10 Hz that can be sustained and enhanced with holding on to these higher frequency thoughts and emotions.
David Hawkins, in his book “Power vs Force” identifies an algorithm of function for emotions that involve a level of emotion, the emotion itself, the process that results from adopting the emotion into the body, and the life view that is created by holding onto that frequency.  For example, on a scale from 0 – 1000, fear is at 100 and is expressed emotionally as ‘anxiety’.  The process that an individual will function at is to withdraw from situations, people and life, and this creates a life view that resonates with being ‘frightened’ of situations and experience.  The turning point for frequency exists at the 250 mark with ‘neutrality’.  This is the position in life where we can ‘trust’ that things will happen for us and that all is as it should be.  The process of experience is a ‘release’ and our life view is that everything is ‘satisfactory’.  Climb the scale and there is a powerful shift of resonance when the body recognizes life with more than just ‘love’ but an actual expression of ‘joy’.  On the scale this is 540 and the emotion experienced is ‘serenity’.  At this level the process of living is ‘transfiguration’ and the life view is ‘complete’.  In the grips of illness or experience one can easily be pulled into thoughts of fear, anger, grief, that is life experience.  But once the time for reflection of the experience begins, it is imperative to the health of the physical body, that the whole being shifts into a state of ‘neutrality’ with ‘trust’ and then upwards on the scale into the higher emotions for expanded consciousness and experience.
“Everything is energy.  Your thought begins it, your emotion amplifies it and your action increases the momentum,” (author unknown).  Releasing our need to be diagnosed, healing becomes an experience of finding the frequency required to heal.  This could be through the frequency of nutrition, the shift of emotions, the release of past experience that has a lower frequency, the use of homeopathic remedies that shift frequency, movement patterns and sound.  It is an incredible way to think about self-responsibility and self-care, a model that BioEnergetic Wellness exemplifies.
Enter in the tools to shift frequency.  In [[Touch for Health]], the use of a Sound Balance using Laughter (Fire), Singing (Earth), Crying or Sighing (Metal), Groaning (Water), or Shouting (Wood) can be extremely powerful.  It can be challenging to make the sound that is required to shift the body, (discovered through muscle monitoring for the desired sound), and this can be an awkward experience for someone until they are resonating at the frequency to support the element and the meridians. Always a profound experience in my clinical and class settings.  In Tai Chi there are Six Healing Sounds that work in a similar way: Heee (Ministerial Fire), Whooo (Earth), Sssss (Metal), Chooo (Water), Shhhh (Wood), Haaaw (Sovereign Fire).  These sounds are powerful on their own, but when combined with movement that expands and contracts the lower dan tien, the meridians and increases energy flow into the chakras, there is a greater shift experienced with the exercise.  With a full moving meditation using sound, the body can move through either the Shen Cycle or the Ko Cycle using all the sounds in a specific order.  Part of the Qi YINtegration program, the Five Element set with Sound and Color is a favorite.  It can also be experienced with breathing exercises like the seated Don Yu, or commencement standing or sitting.  Other similar exercises are also found in Qi Gong. 
The specific frequencies achieved with the human voice continue into singing favorite tunes, choosing specific scales or octaves to sing, or to be a part of a musical performance where the instruments create the new frequencies.  Our emotional experience of these events are significant in that when they allow us the opportunity to release lower emotions, and begin to transform into experiencing the higher frequencies moving forward, we have the ability to change the frequencies that the biofield is experiencing, but also the organs, the tissues and the systems within the body. 
As Masaru Emoto discovered with his experiments with water crystals and emotion, the water that contained intention of love and gratitude and joy created incredible symmetrical water crystals in multidimensions.  The water that held the intention of lower scale emotions like anger or hate had crystals that had holes and flat spaces and incomplete crystal formation.  Lynn McTaggart has spent years reporting on and exploring wellness with her intention experiments.  Her latest global program of “The Power of Eight” has seen whole communities, global action and individual success stories achieve health and wellness through intention.  Her latest reporting of a very informative study by Leonard Laskow, an American gynecologist and healer, who was recruited by American biologist Glen Rein to test the most effective healing strategy for inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.  Laskow believed in establishing emotional connection with a subject – even cells.  Of five states of mind, the most powerful approach was asking the cells to return to the natural order, which inhibited the cancer cells’ growth by 39 per cent.  In addition, Rein instructed Laskow to hold each of his five states of mind in turn while grasping one of five vials of water, which would later be used to make up the tissue-culture medium of cancer cells.  The water treated with the ‘natural-order’ intention again had the greatest effect, inhibiting the growth of the cancer cells by 28 per cent. In this case, water apparently ‘stored’ and transferred the intentions to the culture medium and on to the cancer cells.  The most effective healing intention had been framed as a request, combined with a highly specific visualization of the outcome, but not necessarily a destructive one.
Our combination of a balancing session which identifies a goal or specific situation with directed intent can have significant effect on the wellness of an individual when combined with the use of sound or frequency to create a shift in the biofield. With healing, the most effective approach may not be to destroy the source of the illness, but, as with other forms of intention, to put in a specific request then move aside, let go of the outcome, and allow a greater intelligence to fulfill our request as we accompany it with a specific sound wave. 
Michelle Greenwell is a doctoral student at Akamai University who combines her passion for movement with her skills to assist with self-responsibility approaches for health and wellness.  Her passion for the writings of Dr. John Thie and Matthew Thie in Touch for Health have provided her with the opportunity to combine her 4 decades of experience with dance and Tai Chi into a combined approach for building a toolbox of movement options.  The 5 Element Set with Sound and Color is one of her favorite Moving Meditations to share with her students.  The set is part of her Qi YINtegration program.  You can find Michelle at, on Facebook at “The KEY to Health with Energy Medicine” and on Youtube:  Michelle Greenwell. To read the original magazine, visit