In this Group we gathered all the Knowledge present in Knowlative that is related to the anatomy of Chinese Acupuncture System.
In Chinese Medicine the Meridians and Acupuncture Points system is described in a very detailed way.
In Muscle Response Testing (MRT) we use some of the acupuncture points and the main Meridians to test and to balance different functions of the body.
Knowing the details of this incredibly detailed system allows us to interact with our client in a more precise and effective way.
In this Unit of Knowledge you can find the access to the complex World of Traditional and Classical Chinese Medicine in a simple and immediate way. For this reason in this group and its subgroups you can find a simple but detailed tree where you can browse all the information you need on Chinese Energy pathways.
 The Chinese Medicine system is not “only” the description of Meridians and Acupuncture Points.
If you are not familiar with Chinese Medicine, read also the Group Basic Chinese Medicine.
There are two main ways to describe the Meridians system:

  • Meridians: This is an Anatomical description of Meridians, their pathways and the Acupuncture Points along their path: this is the first section of this Atlas. Here you will find detailed description, all acupoints related to that particular meridian and anatomical images.
  • Groups of Acupoints: This is a functional description: Acupuncture points belong to one (or more) meridians but they are also part of functional groups. The second section of this Atlas describes the main groups of Acupoints, their functions and the use you can do with Muscle Response Testing (MRT).

As always, Knowlative is an open database: if you use different groups, publish them and they will be included in this atlas. See the Guide tutorials if you need more details or contact if you need further information.