How to find

BL-01 is located in a small depression near the inner canthus of the eye, superior to the insertion of the upper eyelid. Medially, it is bordered by the bony root of the nose. BL 02 (Gathered Bamboo) is located directly above BL-01 in a depression at the medial end of the eye- brow. ST 01 (Container of Tears) is located on the pupil line between the eyeball and the border of the infraorbital ridge, GB 01 (Pupil Crevice) and TH 23 (Silken Bamboo Hollow) are located on the outer canthus of the eye.


0.1 cun superior and medial to the inner canthus of the eye, in a depression.


  • Expels Wind and clears Heat, benefits the eyes


Meeting point with GV (Governing Vessel – Du Mai), yin qiao mai, yang qiao mai as well as ST (Stomach Channel – Zu Yang Ming), SI (Small Intestine Channel – Shou Tai Yang) and GB (Gallbladder Meridian – Zu Shao Yang) and, according to some authors, also the TH (Triple Heater Channel – Shou Shao Yang). Entry point.