How to find

To locate BL-09, GV 17 (Brain’s Door) is a good reference point, located on the midline, in the depression directly superior to the upper border of the external occipital protuberance. From there, measure 1.3 cun in a lateral direction to locate BL-09, which is generally located on an imaginary vertical line through BL 10 (Heavenly Pillar). Or: Locate the posterior hairline (often not very accurate) and, on the midline, measure 2.5 cun in a superior direction, then 1.3 cun towards lateral.Located on the same level are GV 17 (Brain’s Door) (midline, in the depression at the upper border of the external occipital protuberance) and GB 19 (Brain Hollow) (more laterally, on a vertical line through).


2.5 cun superior to the posterior hairline and 1.3 cun lateral to the midline or GV 17 (Brain’s Door) (directly superior to the external occipital protuberance).


  • Expels Wind and Cold
  • Opens the channel and luo vessels, alleviates pain
  • Benefits the eyes and nose


In Qigong practice, BL-9 plays an important role as one of the three gates (san guan): it is the brain gate.