BL 27 (Chinese name: xiaochangshu )

Nov 5, 2021 | Acu point

How to find

Quick method: Locate the posterior superior iliac spine (PSIS): from the rima ani, palpate 3 cun (1 handbreadth) in a superior and lateral direction at a 45° angle, until you can feel a distinct bony ridge (often superficially visible by a dimple). BL-27 is located slightly superiorly and medially to the PSIS, 1.5 cun lateral to the midline, on the level of the first sacral foramen.Located on the same level are BL 31 (Upper Foramen) (over the 1st sacral foramen) and BL 28 (Bladder Shu) (slightly below and medial to the PSIS at the level of the 2nd sacral foramen).


1.5 cun lateral to the posterior midline, on the level of the first sacral foramen.


  • Tonifies the Small Intestine Qi
  • Drains Dampness and Damp-Heat
  • Regulates the water passages


Back-shu point of the Small Intestine

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