BL 37 (Chinese name: yinmen )

Nov 6, 2021 | Acu point

How to find

First, locate BL 36 (Hold and Support) in the centre of the gluteal crease and, from there, palpate 6 cun along the posterior aspect of the thigh in an inferior direction towards the centre of the popliteal crease (BL-40). This is the location of BL-37, which in slim patients can be located where the long head of the biceps femoris muscle and the semitendinosus muscle converge (usually 8 cun superior to the centre of the popliteal crease. Or place the little fingers on the centre of the popliteal crease (BL 40 (Middle of the Crook)) and the centre of the gluteal crease (BL 36 (Hold and Support)). Locate BL-37 1–2 cun proximal to the midpoint of the distance, in a depression between the two muscle bellies.


6 cun distal to BL 36 (Hold and Support) (in the gluteal crease), on a line connecting BL 36 (Hold and Support) and BL 40 (Middle of the Crook) (in the popliteal crease), in a gap in the musculature.


  • Relaxes the tendons
  • Opens the channel and luo vessels
  • Benefits the lower back


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