How to find

Slide along the dorsal aspect of the Achilles tendon in a superior direction until you can feel the depression between the two bellies of the gastrocnemius muscle. This will become more defined when the patient’s muscles are flexed. Or place the little fingers on BL 40 (Middle of the Crook) (centre of the popliteal crease) and BL 60 (Kunlun Mountains) (depression between the Achilles tendon and the highest prominence of the lateral malleolus). The midpoint of this distance, where the thumbs meet, marks the location of BL-57. Located on the same level on the anterolateral aspect of the lower leg are ST 38 (Lines Opening) (1 finger-width lateral to the tibia) and ST 40 (Abundant Bulge) (2 fingerbreadths lateral to the tibia).


In the middle of the calf, between the two heads of the gastrocnemius muscle, on a line connecting BL 40 (Middle of the Crook) and BL 60 (Kunlun Mountains), approximately 8 cun distal to BL 40 (Middle of the Crook).


  • Relaxes the muscles and tendons, opens the channel
  • Eliminates haemorrhoids (pathway of the Bladder divergent channel)


Ma Dan Yang Heavenly Star point. Important local point with distal effect on the lumbar and anal region.