How to find

First, locate BL 57 (Supporting Mountain) (in the centre of the calf, between the two bellies of the gastrocnemius muscle). From BL 57 (Supporting Mountain), palpate 1 cun in a distal direction and 1 cun in a lateral direction. There, locate BL-58 on the lower border of the gastrocnemius muscle. Located on the same level (7 cun superior to the highest prominence of the lateral malleolus) are GB 35 (Yang Intersection) (at the posterior border of the fibula), GB 36 (Outer Mound) (at the anterior border of the fibula) and ST 39 (Lower Great Void) (1 cun distal to the midpoint of the line connecting ST 35 (Calf’s Nose) and ST 41 (Stream Divide) and 1 fingerbreadth lateral to the anterior crest of the tibia).


1 cun distal and 1 cun lateral to BL 57 (Supporting Mountain) or 7 cun proximal to BL 60 (Kunlun Mountains), at the posterior border of the fibula and at the lower border of the gastrocnemius muscle.


  • Opens the channel and luo vessels, alleviates pain
  • Expels pathogenic factors from the taiyang channels (SI (Small Intestine Channel – Shou Tai Yang), BL (Bladder Channel – Zu Tai Yang))
  • Harmonises above and below
  • Treats haemorrhoids


Luo-connecting point.