How to find

This point is located at the junction of two tangents that border the nail of the little toe laterally and proximally, approximately 0.1 cun from the actual corner of the nail.


On the dorsal aspect of the little toe, 0.1 cun from the lateral corner of the nail.


  • Scientifically established: conversion of breech presentations prior to birth: moxibustion and electro-acupuncture at this point seem to be most effective (approximately 70–80%)
  • Facilitates labour
  • Expels pathogenic factors from the opposite end of the channel
  • Regulates Yin and Yang of the Water element


Jing-Well point, Metal point, tonification point, exit point. An isolated case has been reported regarding a pregnant woman who was treated with moxibustion at BL-67. This resulted in a fetomaternal transfusion of 300 ml of blood, endangering the fetus. For this reason, treatments should be controlled by cardiotocography.