Holistic Freedom A KinesioGeek Workbook – Ten Rules to creating the Holistic Business of your dreams (and having fun doing it!), By Alexis Costello
From the book cover: It’s not easy. This life you have chosen—to be a practitioner, to help those around you, to change the world—it’s not always simple getting going. This workbook helps practitioners create the business of their dreams. Written in a conversational style, Holistic Freedom is designed to help heart-centered holistic practitioners. Each section contains some firsthand experience and an Action Plan; space where the ideas can be explored so that real progress is made as the reader goes through the book. The world needs more successful practitioners. It’s time to level up!
Available internationally through Lulu Publishing using the ink below. www.lulu.com/shop/alexis-costello/holistic-freedom-a-kinesiogeek-workbook-ten-rules-to-creating-the-holistic-business-of-your-dreams-and-having-fun-doing-it/paperback/product-23995436.html