Dr Bruce Dewe is an international lecturer and has been a Doctor of Medicine for over 30 years. As chairman of the Touch For Health International Faculty he was instrumental in setting up the International Kinesiology College, Zürich, of which he was the first President. 

In his role as Dean of Professional Studies for the college, Dr Dewe had kinesiology instated on the Educational Framework of the New Zealand Qualifications Authority, allowing registration of a National Diploma in Kinesiology in New Zealand. 

In 1999 Dr Dewe and his wife, Joan, founded the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice. The four-year professional qualification was a world first and brings professional discipline and quality to the teaching of kinesiology. The syllabus is taught in institutes and colleges in 13 countries around the world and has created an internationally recognised standard for the discipline.

Dr Dewe has been a family doctor, has taught anatomy at the University of Auckland medical school, and has been part-time superintendent of a country hospital prior to specialising in kinesiology. 

Throughout his academic career Dr Dewe has developed numerous advanced skills workshops, manuals and instructor training courses. His ability to put difficult concepts into simple, easily assimilated modules and his entertaining style of presentation have created a worldwide demand for his workshops, which are taught in 16 countries and translated into eight languages.