This article has been published in the June 2019 Knowlative Newsletter, the 6th of June 2019.

Knowlative is an amazing tool that is alive, that evolves, it is a vibrant, a fresh place where we can get knowledge, share knowledge, debate, receive and give. Knowlative is not just a reference point like a manual. It is intended to create a strong community of practitioners using muscle testing to improve the lives and health of people all over the world. It is a place where peers can support each other, debate techniques, share concerns, discuss case studies. By coming together through associations, schools, institutes or as individuals we are embracing this opportunity to become a stronger, more powerful group of practitioners who wants the world to know about Kinesiology. We are becoming a louder voice; we are becoming better practitioners and healers.

Fear can prevent us from getting fully involved. Breaking routines and thought patterns are very difficult, we know this from our practice and our recommendations to our clients! But we can also be reassured that change is possible. We have had questions about copyright to original work, about the use of data that is shared, about course content that is made available…and we have tried to address all these issues through a series of blogs that cover privacy, legal aspects, etc. ( Part 2: How do you protect an idea? ) We are also developing an easy Q&A, and of course we are happy to address any concerns that you feel are not covered in any of these documents.

Knowlative needs you to grow…we are a catalyst that has the function to help this practice potentiate, become more visible, more credible. Knowlative is a place to be inspired. You can help us get there. You can inspire. You can share your knowledge within the community. Are you up to this challenge?