Quadriceps – Vastus Medialis

Hand Monitoring Proximal to the ankle.  Hand Stabilizing With the arm that passes underneath the knee of the monitored muscle, brace the other knee.  Monitoring Direction Push to flex the knee.  Note

Iliocostalis Lumborum

Hand MonitoringOver ankles Hand StabilizingOpposite hip (Greater Trocanter). Monitoring DirectionAdduct legs across table. Note

Palmaris Brevis

Hand MonitoringLower part of the hypotenar eminence Hand StabilizingDorsal of hand. Monitoring DirectionAdduct and extend the tissue through a coronal plane. Note

Transverse abdominal

Hand MonitoringTest#1: On the same shoulder.  Test#2: On the medial side of knee Hand StabilizingTest#1: Opposit Anterior Superior Iliac Spine (ASIS).  Test#2: On the opposite knee.  Monitoring DirectionTest#1:  Push the shoulder toward the table, to counterrotate...


Hand MonitoringProne: Proximally to the ankle.  Supine: on the calcaneus with a cupped hand.  Hand StabilizingProne: On the hip.  Supine: On the front of the knee.  Monitoring DirectionProne: Push to extend the knee. Supine: Extend the knee by pulling ankle...